Mason McGrew

Mason McGrew headshotHello, my name is Mason McGrew and I am an ACSM certified personal trainer. I have been training since 2018 and enjoy working with students, staff, and faculty who are new to exercise and want to learn how to live a healthier life. My passions are related to physical activity, walking, nutrition and chronic disease. I graduated from Bellarmine in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and in 2020 with a Masters of Science in Digital Media and Healthcare. Currently I serve as the Campus Recreation and Wellness Specialist at Bellarmine. My goal when training is to show how beneficial exercise is for your body and how to make it fun and less of a chore. Overall, I love personal training and seeing my clients improve over time makes me enjoy training even more.

Steph Lackey

steph_headshot_black_workoutHello, my name is Steph Lackey. I am a ACSM certified personal trainer. My passion of aiding others and using exercise as medicine began in the late 90's and has never stopped. I joined the Army National Guard in 2010 and focused on empowering soldiers to maintain their physical readiness and mental resiliency. That passion led me to pursuing a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Communication at Bellarmine University. My belief is that all people can benefit from exercise and a healthy lifestyle. My goal when training is to help everyone realize that our bodies are designed to move, and exercise enhances our mind, body, and spirit.