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Students during Summer Send Off

Through cultivating meaningful connections and sustaining campus traditions, the SAC creates transformative student experiences for the Bellarmine and Louisville communities. We drive the vibrancy of campus life by equipping service-oriented leaders, developing engaging programs, inspiring positive impact, and empowering socially-conscious citizens.

Check Engage to learn how you can grow as a leader, get involved on campus, or connect to the community! We’re here Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

*The views and/or activities of student organizations are not necessarily reflective of Bellarmine. This disclaimer applies to unauthorized views expressed via any digital, social or print media channels.

Meet the Team

Elaine Surdyke, Director of Student Activities & Orientation • 502.272.8477

Kaitlyn Nally, Assistant Director of Student Activities • 502.272.7114

Courtney Hurst, Assistant Director of Orientation and Engagement • 502.272.7116

Chris Smith, Student Activities Coordinator • 502.272.7115

Get Involved

Complete the Student Activities Interest Questionnaire form and receive handpicked student experiences, organizations, and campus programs recommend to you from the Student Activities Team.

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