Special Programs

Summer Grants

For the past several years, Bellarmine University has awarded eligible undergraduate students, Summer Half-Tuition grants. The purpose of the Undergraduate Summer Half-Tuition Grant is to assist full-time students in staying on track to graduate in 4 years. All students must complete an application to be eligible to receive a grant. Undergraduate Summer Half-Tuition Grants apply to full-time undergraduates who fulfill the necessary criteria listed on the grant application. These grants DO NOT APPLY to students currently enrolled in accelerated, second-degree, dual Accounting/MBA (5–year program), internships or study abroad classes. The application is typically made available to students in March of every year.   

Majors and Minors Showcase

The Majors and Minors Showcase, co-sponsored in October by the Student Success Center and Residence Life, is an opportunity for students to explore the majors and minors that Bellarmine offers. Students who are undecided, who wish to switch majors, who would like add an additional major, or who want to declare a minor can learn about the variety of opportunities at BU. All majors and minors are invited to select upperclassmen to represent their program at the event and host a table that showcases the curriculum and opportunities within their programs.