Outcomes and Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes

The Student Success Center has established this set of student learning outcomes that guides the work across all units, programs, and services. As one of the largest student employers at Bellarmine, some outcomes are designated specifically for our student-staff.

  • Students will implement strategies for self-regulated learning.
  • Students will develop and utilize individual academic plans.
  • Students and student-staff will value scholarly inquiry.
  • Students and student-staff will value interpersonal networks for their ability to support student success.
  • Student-staff will demonstrate inclusive leadership.
  • Student-staff will implement effective pedagogical practices.


The Student Success Center values a culture of assessment and is focused on continually improving all opportunities available to Bellarmine students. Each unit, program, and service provided by the Student Success Center maintains its own set of intentional student learning outcomes, data collection/generation and analytic processes, and cyclical assessment plans. Documents that my be linked below include individual assessment plans, aggregate results and focused improvements, and reports.