Policies and Procedures for Faculty

The Testing Center uses the scheduling system Accommodate for student testing requests. Information on reviewing, approving, and submitting materials for students’ test requests can be found below.

Access Accommodate website (click here)

What is the purpose of the Testing Center?

  • Instructors are required by federal law to provide testing accommodations for students who have a letter of accommodation on file with the Accessibility Resource Center Office.
  •  The SSC Testing Center offers instructors support in providing these testing accommodations for students in their courses. If the instructor cannot provide a student’s accommodations within their department, the student may request to take their test in the Testing Center.

Who can use the Testing Center?

  • A student who has documented testing accommodations from the Accessibility Resource Center Office
  • A student who misses a test due to participation in a university-sponsored event. University- sponsored events include, but are not limited to, athletic or academic events and/or conferences.
  • Students serving as active military or reserve military personnel who miss a test due to being activated for duty.
  • Activated military personnel spouses caring for minor dependents who miss a test due to an increase in family-related responsibilities in their spouse’s absence.

Who is not allowed to use the Testing Center?

A student who misses a test but who does not meet one of the criteria above (e.g., for illness*, family event, personal travel) should make arrangements with the faculty to take the test outside of class.

*If a student misses a test because they are ill with COVID-19 or quarantining due to COVID-19, they may be allowed to use the Testing Center.

What are the procedures for students who qualify for testing accommodations through the Accessibility Resource Center Office?

  • The student and the instructor receive notification of accommodations from the Accessibility Resource Center Office every semester.
  • The student is required to renew all accommodations each semester with the Accessibility Resource Center Office.
  • The instructor is not required to use the Testing Center for providing testing accommodations, but is legally required to provide the student with accommodations.
  • The faculty member should first attempt to use a distraction-reduced or isolated testing environment (per the student’s accommodation) in the faculty member’s own academic department. If this is not possible or the faculty member chooses to use the Testing Center, the faculty member should direct the student to sign-up to take the test in the Testing Center.

How do students request to test in the Testing Center?

  • Upon receiving their accommodations from the Accessibility Resource Center, the student must meet with the faculty member to discuss the need for testing accommodations and agree to a plan for the semester.
  • Before registering for a test in the Testing Center, the student should consult with the faculty member to determine an appropriate date, time, and location to take the test.
  • If the student and faculty member agree that the test should occur in the Testing Center, then the student must submit an online test request form at least five (5) days prior to the desired testing date through Accommodate (preferably more than five days in advance). This timeframe allows the Testing Center to schedule and acquire the test.
  • If the student is unable to submit this notification five (5) days prior to the testing date, the student should consult with the faculty member to make testing arrangements. No exceptions will be made for late registration due to volume of tests in the Testing Center.

How do instructors review and approve test requests?

  • The instructor will receive email notification indicating that the student has requested to take a test in the Testing Center.
  • The instructor must approve a test request at least 48 hours business hours (not including weekends or holidays) prior to the scheduled test time.
  • Instructors must upload a copy of the test or the notes detailing how to access the test at least 24 hours in advance. Instructors can provide additional instructions (i.e., scantron form/size, use of calculator, notes, formula sheets, or computer) if needed. These additional instructions are important because the Testing Proctor will only allow the student to use what is specified.
  • The Department Chair will be contacted if instructors do not adhere to the 48 hours approval policy and/or the 24 hours test submission policies more than twice.

How are tests proctored in the Testing Center?

  • All tests are kept in a locked filing cabinet within the Testing Center until the scheduled time of the test.
  • The Testing Center is always monitored via video and audio surveillance. A proctor is always present if students have questions or concerns.
  • Video surveillance footage is available from the online server for up to 48 hours.
  • Tests are returned to the locked filing cabinet after the test is complete and remain there until they are picked up by the faculty member.

What is the procedure for suspected cheating?

  • All students will be monitored by a proctor and video surveillance. The proctor is responsible for monitoring activity within the Testing Center. Monitoring may include watching from a seated position in the room, walking through the room, and viewing live surveillance footage on Testing Center monitors.
  • If a student is suspected of cheating on a test, the proctor will report the incident to the faculty member who determines actions in accordance with the Bellarmine University Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy published in the Course Catalog. The proctor will also file an incident report with the Dean of Student Success.
  • All students taking tests in the Testing Center must adhere to the Bellarmine University Academic Honesty Policy as stated in the Course Catalog and Student Handbook.
  • Students who disregard the following policies are subject to the University’s academic honesty policy.

What testing accommodations are available to students who qualify?

  • A distraction-reduced environment (a majority of students test in a room with other students with similar accommodations, but not necessarily the same tests), or an isolated testing room (fewer students qualify).
  • Generally, students receive twice the normal allotted test time (varies based on accommodation).
  • Some students qualify to use a scribe or reader during a test. Scribes and readers are assigned and provided by the Accessibility Resource Center Office.

What happens if a student arrives late or misses a scheduled test in the Testing Center?

  • If a student is late for a scheduled exam for any reason, the student forfeits the missed time; no additional time will be granted to make up for the student's late arrival. Proctors will wait up to 20 minutes before determining that the student is a "no-show" and notifying the instructor.
  • New arrangements for the test will be made at the faculty member’s discretion, but are subject to available testing times in the Testing Center.
  • Students should be mindful of their extended time and schedule their tests in a way that allows them to finish testing by 5 p.m. when the Testing Center closes.

What are testing procedures during finals?

  • Tests are administered during finals week at only two times: 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. All students must use Accommodate to schedule final tests.