Tutoring Center

Tutoring during Campus Closure

Tutoring will be conducted online through Microsoft Teams during the suspension of on-campus classes. Any questions or issues should be directed to Dominique Clayton at dclayton@bellarmine.edu.

Scheduling a Tutoring Appointment

  • To schedule a tutoring appointment, go to TutorTrac
  • Once the session is scheduled, the tutor will be in contact via email with a link to join a Microsoft Teams online session at your scheduled time.
  • Use the link to join the session at scheduled time.
  • If you already have scheduled reoccurring appointments, your tutor will be in contact with you.  
  • Appointments cannot be made less than 24 hours in advance of the requested time. 
  • These appointments may have up to three students in them; individual tutoring is not guaranteed. 
  • If you miss two appointments or cancel less than 24 hours in advance of your appointment twice, you will be required to communicate with the Director of Academic Services, Dominique Clayton, before you will be able to schedule additional appointments.

Technology Requirements

  • Computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone device with working microphone and camera 
  • Internet access 


The Tutoring Center in the Student Success Center aids students in becoming independent learners by offering assistance in understanding and interpreting course content, developing general study skills and providing support tailored to each student’s needs.

The Bellarmine Tutoring Center provides FREE peer tutoring to all Bellarmine undergraduate students in many 100- and 200-level courses. Tutoring takes the form of individual and small group scheduled sessions (by appointment). Our tutoring services are meant to not only further students’ knowledge in a particular class, but to help students develop the skills they need to be successful at Bellarmine.

Who participates in tutoring?

Any undergraduate student here at Bellarmine is able to participate in tutoring. Peer tutoring goes beyond helping students with the general course content and it is available for every single student enrolled in the class. You do not have to be struggling to meet with a tutor. These services are available for students at any level of understanding of the class material, and the tutors are there to help you get prepared and feel comfortable with the class content.

What do tutors do?

Our tutors are Bellarmine undergraduate students, just like you, who have taken the courses for which they tutor and have received a satisfactory grade. They are trained to lead group or individual tutoring sessions and they aim to improve students’ general study and critical thinking skills. Our goal is to help students have more rewarding learning experiences in all of their classes, not just the ones for which we offer tutoring.

What to expect from a Tutoring Session

Your tutors will do their best to offer help that benefits you both in the short-term for your immediate needs, and in the long-term of improving your overall skills.

Your tutor will use your needs, effort and investment to guide the session.

Your tutors will address your questions regarding course material and the organization of the course, and they will work with you to figure out how you can study most effectively.

Your tutor will provide you with strategies regarding studying, note-taking, time management and test-taking that you can apply on your own time to improve your learning.

What NOT to expect from a Tutoring Session

Tutors will not teach material. They are not able to present the material with the depth as your professor. They will direct you to your instructor when it comes to questions about course organization or grading procedures.

Tutoring is NOT a substitute for attending class.

Tutors will not complete homework assignments with you.

Tutors are not available 24/7. Budget your time and make an appointment as soon as you can in you are concerned about your success in a content area.

You cannot drop things off to be corrected or edited.

Tutors will not judge or criticize your work. They will always do their best to meet your needs. Tutors may refer you to other resources when necessary.

Contact Us

Dr. Dominique Clayton
Director of Academic Services