Bellarmine University provides an array of services to best support student-athletes. In 2007 the first Academic Advisor for Athletics position was created to more intentionally support student-athletes. In July 2019, with the intent to more comprehensively support the needs of the student-athletes, a separate Office of Academic and Support Services for Student Athletes was established. This office, building off the foundations from prior years, aims to encourage growth inside and outside the classroom while adhering to NCAA rules and regulations. The staff serves as the primary academic advisor for first-year, transfer and a select group of majors for second-year student-athletes. Additionally, there are a couple specific university processes that require a staff members approval. In order to drop or add a major(s) and or minor(s), a student-athlete is required to get a signature from a staff member in this office. A student-athlete also has to get approved by a staff member in order to proceed with withdrawing from a course(s) or to completely withdraw from the university. Along with advising, the office provides oversight to all student-athletes in Academic Progress Rate (APR), Graduation Success Rate (GSR), and continuing eligibility certification. Other services include but are not limited to:

  • Academic Advising
  • Tutoring Recommendations
  • Team Communication
  • Coach Communication
  • Recruit Meetings (Approved by Head Coach)
  • Study Hours