Women's Council History

Our History

The Bellarmine Women's Council was formed in 1963 at the invitation of Msgr. Alfred F. Horrigan, the first President of Bellarmine College (now Bellarmine University).

In the invitation, Msgr. Horrigan noted that the college must be prepared to provide leadership for the quality of civic, cultural and professional life which Louisville would have in the next generation. He also observed that Bellarmine, which at the time was a men's college, needed sustained contact with women who were leaders in educational and cultural affairs of the community. He felt that a women's council would meet this need and serve as a liaison between the college and the community it served.

Seventy-five women became charter members of the Council on April 23, 1963, with the first formal meeting on October 8, 1963. Purposes of the Council were a) to serve as a liaison between the college and the community; b) to advise and assist the college in promotion of its program of cultural activities; c) to advise and assist the college in developing the programs and resources of its library; and d) in general, to advise and assist the college in its various activities as requested by the President of the College.

In 2013, the Bellarmine University Women's Council celebrated 50 years of service to the community. Throughout our history we have provided funds for the beautification of campus, student financial aid, and the university library. All of these funds have been raised through a variety of projects including Louisville's original haunted house, an annual book sale, and the Designers' Show House.