College of Arts and Sciences

School Highlights

Bellarmine College is home to Bellarmine University’s arts and science programs. As such, it shapes the liberal arts educational tradition that is the very foundation of a Bellarmine education.

A liberal arts degree is the most sought-after degree because it provides opportunities to combine two or more disciplines (through double majors/minors) into a comprehensive educational package. Students taking this path find rewarding employment or acceptance into graduate, law, medical and other professional schools.

As a student in an arts & sciences program, you’ll find a faculty committed to the intellectual development of the whole person. People who graduate with a degree in the liberal arts and sciences are clear thinkers, problem solvers, and creative people with the ability to know, understand, change and grow. Whether your passion is art, biology, mathematics, pre-dentistry, communication, music, psychology or one of 50 other majors, we've got you covered.

Scholars in Writing

Scholars in Writing: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities showcases student writing that demonstrates interdisciplinary inquiry, original thought and compelling prose. The journal showcases award-winning student essays from two contests held each academic year during the spring semester. It is published biennially and supported by the Department of Theology, the First-Year Writing Program, and the Office of Academic Affairs. Click here to read our most recent journal.