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Student Research in Robinson's Lab

  • Emily Watts (2004): “Using Gas Exchange to Examine Relationships Between Soil, Plants, and Microbes"
  • Natalie Steckler (2004): Isolation of the Gene Implicated in Kennedys Disease From Three Old World Monkey Species
  • Clinton Kaufman and Meggen Meyer (2003): "Mapping Mistletoe Population Diversity Using Geographical and Molecular Techniques"
  • Shingi Nyamwanza (2003): “Sequencing the promoter region of the polygalacturonase gene in tomato fruit for use in the RSV oral vaccine”
  • Tiffany Brittian (2003): “Isolation of a gene for Myotonic Dystrophy in Black Lemurs
  • Felicia Hockersmith (2003): “An epidemiological study of West Nile Virus in Kentucky in 2002
  • Ann Ray (2002) "Establishing a Procedure for Attaining Hydrocarbon Profiles from Ants (Formica spp.)"
  • Beth Dennis (2002): Effect of Psychological Stress on Antibody (IgA) Levels in Saliva"
  • Tadd Roberts (2002): Design of PCR primers based on DNA and protein sequence comparisons of allergenic pollen proteins in ragweed
  • Nick Doggendorf (2002):“Assessing genetic variation in Giant Ragweed, Ambrosia trifida, using RAPD-PCR”
  • Gerrome Grant (2001): “Isolation of seed dormancy mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana”
  • Lynnuel Velarde (2001) "Effect of Environment on Heat-Shock Protein Expression (HSP-70) in Plants"
  • Michelle Bunger (2001): "Variation of Pollen Grain Structure in Ragweed"
  • Brock Schweitzer (2001): "Influence of Environmental Stresses on Heat-Shock Protein (HSP70) Levels in Three Grain Crop Species
  • David Brangers (2001) "Selection for Seed Dormancy Mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana"
  • Tatiana Malkin (2000) "Effects of altered catalase activity on seed germination in tobacco" hyperlink
  • Joshua McKinney (2000) "Investigation of Cuscuta germination" & "The effect of borax on Glechoma hederacea at different times of the day"
  • Anton Clemmons (1999) "Inheritance of Morphological and Physiological Characteristics in Taraxacum officinale" hyperlink
  • Maria Davis (1999) "Volatile Emissions from Turfgrass Plants Following Mowing" hyperlink
  • Joann Lau (1999) "Achene Dormancy in White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima)." American Society of Plant Physiologists, Baltimore, MD, July 24-28, 1999... hyperlink:Abstract
  • Tatyana Malkin (1999) "Effect of Volatile Emissions from Osage Orange Fruit on Spider Behaviour"
  • Chris Willis (1999) "Examination of Catalase Activity in Tobacco" hyperlink
  • Joann Lau (1998-99) "Inheritance of Achene Dormancy in White Snakeroot" hyperlink
  • Mark Smith (1998) "Controlling Weeds With Organic Herbicides" hyperlink
  • Craig Spears (1998) "Controlling Weeds With Organic Herbicides" hyperlink
  • Cristopher Hofelich (1998) "Plant Immunization as a Method of Disease Control"
  • Ryan Starling (1997) "Aquatic Bioremediation Using Water Hyacinth"
  • Patrick Bucayu (1997) "Germination Patterns in White Snakeroot"
  • Scott Farmer (1996-97) "Isozyme and Population Variability in Dandelions" hyperlink
  • Anton Clemmons (1996-99) "Reproductive Biology of Dandelions" hyperlink North Central Weed Science Society meeting
  • Ryan Murley (1996) "Thermodormancy in Arabidopsis thaliana seed"
  • Brian Huckestein (1995) "Induction of Seed Dormancy in Arabidopsis thaliana"
  • Mikki Jo Leathers (1995) "Photocontrol of Scape Elongation in Dandelion", Kentucky Academy of Science annual meeting

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