Michael Ackerman, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Actuarial Science Program Coordinator
BS, Bellarmine University; M.A., University of Louisville; Ph.D., The University of Memphis

Michael Bankhead, M.Sc

Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.S., University of Greenwich; M.Sc., University of London

Bill Fenton, Ph.D

Dean, Bellarmine College of Arts and Sciences
B.S., Butler University; M.S. and Ph.D., Purdue University

Teaching/research interests: Matroids and oriented matroids, cooperative learning, technology in mathematics education, and classical geometry.

Bill Fenton came to Bellarmine in 1983. He was chair of the Mathematics Department from 1993 to 2009 and has been Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences since 2009. Despite his administrative duties, he regularly teaches discrete mathematics and modern geometry, and occasionally teaches multivariable calculus and operations research. Dr. Fenton was the recipient of the 2000 Kentucky-M.A.A. award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics. His chief scholarly work has been the development of course materials that take advantage of technology and are conducive to cooperative learning. Most recently, Dr. Fenton is co-author with Sr. Barbara Reynolds from Cardinal Stritch University of the text College Geometry with The Geometer's Sketchpad (John Wiley & Sons Publishing).

Anne Raymond, Ph.D, Chair

Professor of Mathematics
B.S., Bellarmine University; M.S., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Indiana University

Anne Raymond has been a member of the Mathematics Department at Bellarmine since 2003.

Teaching interests: Dr. Raymond enjoys teaching a variety of courses for majors including Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Numbers and Proof, Calculus 3 and the capstone course, Readings in Mathematics. Non-majors courses that she teaches regularly are the Foundations of Mathematics I & II courses for students preparing to teach in the elementary and middle schools. She is a co-author of a textbook used for these Foundations courses, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers via Problem Solving, which is in its 3rd edition.

Research interests: Dr. Raymond has graduate degrees in both mathematics and mathematics education. Her early research, most notably appearing in the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, focused on beliefs about mathematics and the impact of teachers’ beliefs on their teaching practice. Most of her on-going research addresses mathematics pedagogy from a variety of perspectives including technology in the mathematics classroom and how Theory of Multiple Intelligences informs mathematics pedagogy. Recent scholarly endeavors involve writing mathematics “micro-books” and book chapters for K -12 classroom instruction.

Service interests: Dr. Raymond is active University Faculty Governance. In the community, she regularly serves on the Governor’s Scholars selection committee for the Archdiocese of Louisville.

Susan White, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S., McNeese State University; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Louisville

Daylene Zielinski, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.A., College of St. Benedict; Ph.D., University of Iowa