Active in a many areas of music and the music business the music faculty is comprised of active performers, conductors, clinicians, adjudicators, educators, scholars and published composers throughout the region, the United States, Mexico, Europe, Israel and North and South Africa. A number of the music faculty have played with renowned groups such as The Louisville Orchestra and The Louisville Ballet and are active in a variety of chamber music ensembles. Many own their own music business enterprise, are published composers, have and are recording CDs and appear as guest artists around the region. Come spend the next four years with us and let us show you how to succeed in the music world.

Music Technology

  • Ben Aguilar - Sound and Lighting Technology, Technology I, II
  • Trent Apple - Legal Aspects of the Music Industry
  • Chris Bizianes - Studio Recording, Technology III, IV
  • Richard Burchard - Technology V, VI, VII, VIII

Vocal Performance

  • Emily Albrink - Voice
  • Amanda Boyd - Voice
  • S. Timothy Glasscock - University Singers, Schola Cantorum, Men's Choir
  • Mark Kano - Voice
  • Jessica Mills - Voice for non-majors, Preparatory Voice, Women's Choir

Brass/Wind Performance

  • Katherine Alberts - Oboe
  • Richard Burchard - Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Brass Choir
  • Dave Clark - Saxophone
  • Jon Gustely - Horn
  • Kathy Karr - Flute, Flute Ensemble
  • Marilyn Nije - Clarinet
  • Stacy Simpson - Trumpet

String Performance

  • Aaron Boaz - Violin, BU Civic Orchestra
  • Jon Mueller - Violin, Viola, Chamber String Ensembles
  • Allison Olsen - Cello, Chamber String Ensembles
  • Dave Walker - Classical Guitar, Classical Guitar Ensemble, Lute, Theorbo
  • Bert Witzel - Double Bass

Keyboard Performance

  • Timothy Baker - Organ
  • David George - Piano
  • Todd Hildreth - Jazz Piano
  • Daniel Light - Piano
  • Hannah Piechowski - Preparatory Piano
  • Monica Potter - Preparatory Piano
  • Meme Tunnell - Piano, Piano Literature I, II, Piano Pedagogy and Accompanying

Percussion Performance

  • Nick Bryan - Jazz and Rock Set Percussion
  • Aaron Hanka - Mallet and Orchestral Percussion, Percussion Ensemble
  • Angela Scharfenberger - Mbira, Marimba

Sacred Music Studies

  • Timothy Baker - Organ
  • Richard Burchard - Sacred Choral Composition, History of the Mass as a Musical Genre
  • S. Timothy Glasscock - University Singers, Schola Cantorum, Men's Choir.
  • Karen Shadle - Assistant Director of Catholic Worship and Campus Ministry (Director of Chapel Musicians)

Jazz Studies

  • Nick Bryan - Set, Combos
  • Dave Clark - Saxophone, Improvisation, Jazz Harmony, Nouveau Gumbo Ensemble
  • Todd Hildreth - Piano, Improvisation, Combos
  • Sonny Stephens - Bass, Combos
  • Craig Wagner - Guitar, Improvisation, Combos

Music Theory and Composition

  • Richard Burchard -  Composition, Choral Writing, Orchestration, Form and Analysis
  • Amanda Boyd - Aural Skills I, II, III
  • Dave Clark - Jazz Harmony
  • Rob Collier - Music Theory I, II, III, IV, Orchestration, Composition
  • Daniel Light - Intro to Music Theory


  • S. Timothy Glasscock - Basic and Advanced Choral and Instrumental Conducting

Music History

  • Richard Burchard - History of the Mass as a Musical Genre
  • Dave Clark - Jazz History
  • Nathan Giem - Western Music History
  • Jody Hurt - Western Music History

Interdisciplinary Music Courses

  • Richard Burchard - Music of the World's Cultures, Study of Celtic Music Styles
  • Dave Clark - Lessons in Humanity from the African-American Spiritual: From Jazz to Blues and Beyond
  • Todd Hildreth - History of Popular Music in America
  • Angela Scharfenberger - Music of the World's Cultures, Music in African Life
  • A.T. Simpson - The Music of Louisville

Preparatory Department, Meme Tunnell , Director

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