School of Continuing and Professional Studies


The mission of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies is to provide quality, student-centered, educational programs in both credit and non-credit areas that are convenient and affordable. All programs are developed and offered in harmony with the overall mission of Bellarmine University.

Summer 2017 Non-Credit Catalog

This summer we are offering a variety of stimulating professional development and non-credit courses designed to provide intellectual, cultural, personal enrichment and professional development for learners of all ages.  Click "Enroll Now" to view some of our summer offerings.

Degree Completion

According to a U.S. Treasury Department report “The Economic Case for Higher Education,” the weekly earnings of people with a bachelor’s degree are an average 64% higher than those workers with only a high school diploma. If you began working toward a bachelor’s degree but dropped out of school, NOW is the time to complete your degree and reap the many benefits a college degree affords you.

Call David Kline at 502.272.8209 to find out if you are eligible to take advantage of an exciting opportunity at Bellarmine to complete your first bachelor’s degree at a reduced cost.