Dialogue on Diversity Committee

Ms. Elizabeth Cassady
Assistant Dean of Students
Bellarmine University

Dr. Hannah Clayborne (Co-Chair)
AVP- Student Affairs and Multicultural Affairs
Bellarmine University

Dr. Pattie Dillion
Associate Professor, History
Spalding University

Ms. Laura E. Escobar-Ratliff, MSW, CSW
Spalding University

Dr. Tim Findley, EdD, MBA, CCDP/AP
System Director, Diversity and Inclusion
Norton Healthcare

Dr. Jennifer Jewell
Associate Professor, Social Work
Spalding University

Dr. David Owen (Co-Chair)
Associate Professor and Director of the Program in Diversity Literacy, Department of Philosophy
University of Louisville

Ms. Janelle Rae
Director, Residence Life & Campus Activities
Spalding University

Mr. Ryan Simpson
Director Multicultural Affairs and International Student Counselor
Bellarmine University

Dr. Melanie Prejean Sullivan
Director, Campus Ministry
Bellarmine University

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