Volunteer Opportunities

The mission of Bellarmine University's volunteer program is to enhance and expand meaningful student involvement in local, national, and international service opportunities and, through it, enrich the educational experience of students, faculty, staff, and administration. This is accomplished through a variety of service experiences, which

  • encourage the search for meaning in our lives and in veritatis amore (the love of truth).
  • foster a spirit of service, empathy, compassion, interfaith cooperation, and civic dedication.
  • embody Bellarmine's Catholic social justice tradition.
  • develop collaborative service skills and lifelong civic participation.

Career Services

Volunteerism provides excellent opportunities to explore career options. Students use creativity and initiative in non-profit settings, gain confidence and leadership abilities, and experience diverse economic and cultural environments. These experiences are transferable to all organizational and professional environments and enhance the students' ability to pursue meaningful work upon graduation.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Council coordinates the efforts of the faith-based student organizations on campus which sponsor religious and social service activities designed to help students to move toward an adult faith expressed in action. Through its membership, the Council promotes retreats, scripture studies, prayer services, and events in which participants develop a mature faith base for service to humanity.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association promotes volunteer experiences as a necessary component of well-rounded student life.Students recognize needs both in and outside of their campus community and organize, publicize, and participate in volunteer activities that attempt to fulfill these needs. This process helps us to reach out to the community and organize, publicize, and participate in volunteer activities that attempt to fulfill these needs. This process helps us to reach out to the community and to facilitate the leadership and problem solving skills essential for personal and professional development.

Center For Volunteerism

There are many campus activities, events and programs that provide opportunities for students to participate and learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Non-Profit Volunteer Fair

The Non-Profit Volunteer and Internship Fair is held every fall on the Bellarmine University campus. Approximately 50 organizations participate in this very successful event each year. The fair is a great opportunity to become informed about local organizations that need help and a way for organizations to attract new volunteers. For more information contact the Career Center 502.272.8151.

Volunteer Clearinghouse Notebook

This reference book is a compilation of information on volunteer opportunities and community service agencies throughout the community. It is update each year by the Division of Student Affairs.

Guide To Community Service

This guide is organized by service type, alphabetically, geographically, and by target population. This resource does not cover service opportunities for the following: for-profit organizations, nursing homes, or child day care. The guide is published by the Community Resource Network of Louisville and is updated each Spring.

Center Postings

Volunteer opportunities, such as the Bellarmine Volunteer Days, are posted on the bulletin board in the Center for Volunteerism. Visit the Center to find out about the opportunities to serve your community.

Work-Study Opportunities

Non-Profit Organizations are available throughout the community. Work-study funds are used to support students who desire to complete their federal work-study hours in off-campus service. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid, Horrigan Hall, 502.272.8124.

Volunteer Council

The Volunteer Council is the primary locus for coordinating volunteer activities at Bellarmine University. The Council's membership consists of representatives from the Career Center, Campus Ministry, Student Government Association, Division of Student Affairs, faculty and student body. The Volunteer Council meets regularly to coordinate volunteer opportunities as well as to recognize outstanding service. If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the council, feel free to contact the Assistant Dean of Students (Campus Center 225D).

Week of Volunteerism

The Volunteer Council sponsors a week of service during the spring semester to raise the awareness of the importance of stewardship in our communities. The week concludes with a celebration of service in which it recognizes members of the Bellarmine Community for their outstanding service efforts.

Assumption of Risk Statement

Any member of the Bellarmine Community participating in a volunteer activity must complete an "Assumption of Risk Statement" prior to participation. The form only needs to be filled out once and will be kept on file in the Division of Student Affairs during the entire time you are a member of the Bellarmine Community. Forms are available in the Center and must be returned to the Division of Student Affairs, Campus Center 225 prior to your participation.

Service Learning

Service Learning is integral to Bellarmine's educational mission. It is a tool that aids students in integrating experiences within an academic context. To learn more about service learning, please contact the service learning committee.

For additional information, visit the Center for Volunteerism (Horrigan Hall 113) to obtain information about volunteer opportunities in the local, national and international communities. If you have specific questions, please stop by the Division of Student Affairs (Campus Center 225L) or call 502.272.8150.