Refund and Withdrawal Information

When an emergency occurs, or when a student is considering a withdrawal due to difficult academic or social circumstances that sometimes occur during college and the transition to adulthood, the financial implications of these decisions are often not at the forefront of the decision-making process. However, they can have a large impact. Bellarmine University knows it is therefore essential for students and families to obtain accurate and reliable information about academic, financial aid and tuition policies when such a situation occurs.

The best and most current information about policies and procedures can always be found in the Course Catalog. Additionally, Bellarmine always recommends that a student experiencing difficulties speak with someone to whom they have a trusted relationship: an academic advisor in the Student Success Center or major department, a Financial Aid counselor, staff in the Office of Student Accounts or Registrar's Office, a Residence Life Coordinator or a trusted mentor from one of the various Student Affairs offices. Every staff person at Bellarmine University has training to answer questions and help direct students to the appropriate resources in times of crisis.

Quick Links to Resources

Below is a list of the basic information students and families should know when exploring a withdrawal: