The University's Mission

Our Mission

We are an inclusive Catholic university that educates students—mind, body, and spirit—for meaningful lives, rewarding careers, ethical leadership, and service to improve the human condition.

Our Vision

We will become the leading Catholic university in the South by embracing innovation and creativity, forging new and mutually beneficial partnerships, intentionally diversifying curricula and community, and providing a distinctive and transformative student experience.

Our Values

Bellarmine University finds its Catholic identity in the inclusive spirit of Thomas Merton. We believe in the search for the true self, the interconnectedness of life and the solidarity of the human spirit, which transcends ethnic, religious, and social divisions. We educate the whole person to realize their highest potential as part of an interconnected world. Our values are Academic Excellence, Intrinsic Dignity, Social Responsibility, Integrity, Hospitality, and Stewardship.

Academic Excellence: Promoting academic inquiry rooted in the liberal arts tradition—critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and compassion—with an expectation of excellence

Intrinsic Dignity: Respecting the intrinsic value and dignity of every individual

Social Responsibility: Cultivating grounded citizens who contribute to and advocate for the public good, environmental sustainability, global understanding, and informed civic engagement

Integrity: Fostering strong ethical principles, honesty, fairness, transparency, and trustworthiness

Hospitality: Creating an inclusive community that welcomes all and models a spirit of goodwill

Stewardship: Exercising thoughtful stewardship of our university resources