The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness supports administrators, faculty, staff and students by assisting with the collection, organization and analysis of institutional data. This support can include writing custom reports using Bellarmine’s business intelligence (BI) software, developing surveys and evaluations, providing datasets for research purposes, performing statistical analysis and validity testing on datasets, and disseminating findings through visualizations, dashboards, publications and other tools.

To request IR&E's assistance on a survey or evaluation project, please complete the form below. To request any other data-driven deliverable (e.g. a report, a dataset, a research project or another resource), please complete the Data Request Form. Use of these forms is essential in order for the Office of IR&E to manage its workload and to serve the Bellarmine community in a timely and strategic manner.

Please consider reviewing the following materials before submitting a survey request:

  • Survey Policy
  • Survey Calendar
  • Survey Procedures

Who should submit a survey request? Survey requests can be submitted by internal as well as external members of the Bellarmine community.

How long does it take for IR&E to fulfill a survey request?
Our turnaround depends on the workload of the office at the time of your request, as well as the complexity and scope of the request. In the survey request form, you will have an opportunity to specify a deadline by which you need the project launched and/or responses collected. We will do our best to complete your request by that date.

What is the process for submitting a survey request?
A member of the IR&E team will email or call you if we have any additional questions after receiving your request. Occasionally, a follow-up meeting or interview may be necessary to fully understand the business, assessment or planning needs related to your request. Otherwise, expect the results from your request on or before the requested deadline.

What type of information can the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness provide?
In addition to publishing official enrollment, graduation and retention statistics, IR&E also provides data about a range of other topics and trends: student achievement, teaching and learning, faculty and academic affairs, engagement and student affairs, alumni and development, etc. We also provide research consultation services for qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method studies as well as advice on the appropriate use of inferential and predictive statistics, business analytics, longitudinal analysis, visual communication and dissemination of research findings.

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