Transfer Credit Policy

This policy applies to all coursework considered for transfer to Bellarmine.

Bellarmine University awards transfer credit for grades “D” or higher in coursework that is considered college-level and is from regionally accredited institutions when similar in scope, content, and standards to courses offered at Bellarmine. Remedial, technical, vocational, internship, externship, and courses not consistent with the liberal arts tradition are not transferable.

Students must provide official transcripts sent directly from the other institution(s) to be reviewed for transfer of credit eligibility. Transfer of credit evaluations (TCE’s) are made on a course-by course basis by the Registrar’s Office in consultation with appropriate academic department chairs when necessary. Credits, transferred in semester hour equivalents, may be articulated as directly equivalent to a Bellarmine course or as elective credit. Upon receipt of their TCE, students may provide the Registrar’s Office with additional descriptive material if further review is desired. Transfer work becomes a part of the official Bellarmine record after a student has been fully accepted and enrolled in the university.

Credits and grades are recorded on the official Bellarmine transcript; however, transfer grades do not affect the student’s grade point average (except in the one-time calculation of graduation honors, see below). The residency requirements of the university must be satisfied regardless of the number of credits transferred.

Once a student has matriculated at Bellarmine, he or she may not take a course at another institution and transfer it back to repeat a course previously taken at Bellarmine (transfer credits do not include GPA, therefore the original grade earned cannot be replaced).

If a student who entered Bellarmine as a transfer student repeats a course at Bellarmine that was taken at a previous school, and that repeat is in accordance with Bellarmine’s Repeat Policy, the student will be awarded the Bellarmine credit in the class. The credit for the original class will be eliminated from the overall credit totals of the student.

Transfer Student Policies

The policies below apply to all students who are admitted to Bellarmine University as transfer students from other colleges or universities. The Transfer of Credit Policy above applies to any coursework transferred to Bellarmine, whether it was taken by transfer student applicants, or current Bellarmine students taking courses elsewhere during their time at Bellarmine.

Graduation Requirements and Waiver Information for Transfer Students

Transfer students must complete all degree requirements as outlined in the catalog.

  1. Transfer students must satisfactorily complete in residence at Bellarmine University a minimum of 30 semester credits, including at least 12 upper-level semester credits in their degree major (12 in each major for multiple majors). 
  2. The IDC 100 and 101 requirements are automatically waived for transfer students admitted to the university with more than 24 semester credits completed. 
  3. Students transferring to Bellarmine with an Associate‘s Degree from a regionally-accredited institution are not required to take the Sophomore US Experience course (IDC. 200). 
  4. Senior Seminar (IDC. 401) may not be waived. 
  5. For transfer students, the upper-level Theology requirement could be met by any course taken in an accredited department of theology or religion, even if at the lower-level (100 or 200 level or equivalent). This determination will be made by the Registrar in consultation with the Theology Department Chair. 

Graduation with GPA Honors for Transfer Students

Transfer and second degree students must have earned a minimum of 60 credits in residence at Bellarmine and possess a minimum 3.50 cumulative Bellarmine GPA to be eligible. In addition, grades received in both the courses transferred to Bellarmine and those taken at Bellarmine will be used in the calculation of the GPA for purposes of determining graduation honors. This calculation is done manually and for this purpose only; it does not appear on the Bellarmine transcript or other official documents.