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Fall 2022 Term

The curriculum committee is hard at work planning for an exciting Fall session! We will be offering courses in 3 different formats, all on Zoom, hybrid where some members will be in the classroom and some will be at home on Zoom, and all in-person. We are hopeful we will be able to accommodate our members needs most effectively this way, as everyone has different comfort levels with each option. To be added to the Veritas mailing list, please email

Please refer to the Veritas Catalog for registration instructions.

  • August 31 – Veritas Catalog will be emailed
  • September 7 – Registration opens at 9 a.m.
  • September 21 – Registration closes
  • October 3 – Classes begin
  • November 11 – Classes end

Who We Are & What We Do

Since 1995, Veritas has offered the pre-eminent learning experience to people over 54 in the Louisville area. Our mission is to keep our minds active, open and growing, with the goals of:

  • understanding our past history and cultural heritage;
  • keeping members informed on what is happening in the world now;
  • understanding changes in the world and finding our place in it.

The Veritas Society is open to retired or semi-retired adults with a passion for learning regardless of educational experience or profession. The opportunities are endless with our diverse curriculum mixing with the talented minds of our members.

We are an active, participatory group that devises and develops its own programs, enlisting the best of regional talent for presentations. We offer a six-week program in the Fall and Spring, and a three-week Summer Term. Some of us teach or lead discussion groups, others facilitate courses, write copy, help with mailings, welcome new members or do community relations.

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