The M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership and Social Justice is a 30-hour graduate, online program with a practitioner focus that provides the graduate student with the foundation and breadth of knowledge and professional experiences to be able to lead and serve in a variety of entry and mid-level positions in higher education. 

The Ph.D. in Leadership in Higher Education focuses on theory and research that prepares students for future research and senior level positions at a variety of higher educational settings. The degree is rooted in scholarly rigor of student development and leadership theory and application, research, social justice, and change theory.

Both the M.Ed. and Ph.D. programs are designed to be distinctive programs with different missions, requirements and rigor. That said, we do recognize that a few individuals each year that complete the master’s program may elect to pursue the Ph.D. in Leadership in Higher Education at Bellarmine University. We will easily accommodate these students since there are only three courses out of the ten required for the master’s degree that are the same for the Ph.D. program.