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Study Abroad and International Programs

Study Abroad and International Programs is a part of the Academic Enrichment Office of the Student Success Center and supports students and faculty as they engage in international and intercultural academic experiences. Bellarmine University offers a variety of international experiences both on-campus and abroad that are catered towards individual student needs.

Current Students

There are many different opportunities for study abroad at Bellarmine. To learn more about them please connect with our office. Here is the typical process that students follow learn more about and begin the study abroad process

  1. Fill out an interest form
  2. Attend an informational session
  3. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor 
  4. Discuss academic plan with Professional or Faculty Advisor
  5. Select a program
  6. Complete the Bellarmine study abroad application
  7. Complete program or partner university application
  8. Prepare to go abroad
  9. Experience Study Abroad 

Applying for study abroad takes forward planning. Please be aware of important deadlines.

The Bellarmine Application for Study Abroad is due at the following times:

  • Winter Study Abroad: Due September 1
  • Summer Study Abroad:  Due December 15 for the following summer 
  • Semester/Year Study Abroad: Due November 1 for the following school year 

Partner Universities and Organizations  

If you are a staff or faculty member from one of our partner institutions or organizations, please email Mary Grandinetti, Director of Study Abroad and International Programs, with any questions or inquires.

The deadline to nominate exchange students to study at bellarmine for the fall (August-December) semester or the Academic Year (August-May) is March 1.

Nomination Deadlines:
Fall Semester Study at Bellarmine (August to December): Nominate by March 1
Academic Year Study at Bellarmine (August to May): Nominate by March 1
Spring Semester Study at Bellarmine (January to May): Nominate by March 1

Contact Us

Contact us at

Mary Grandinetti
Director of Study Abroad and International Programs

Kim Kerns
Assistant Dean of Academic Enrichment

Alexa Walczak
Project and Operations Coordinator

Kristen N. Wallitsch
Dean of Student Success and International Programs

Important Study Abroad and International Programs Policies and Procedures

  • Bellarmine University does not currently fund, facilitate, recognize, or grant credit to students travelling/studying internationally in areas under a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory of Level 3 or 4, a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Warning Level 3 or a CDC COVID-19 Risk Assessment Level 4.
  • Bellarmine University reserves the right to cancel a study abroad program or retract approval for participation in a study abroad program due to travel warnings or advisories in advance of the anticipated travel.
  • Students must meet with the Study Abroad and International Programs staff to complete the study abroad advisory process before studying abroad. If a student elects to study abroad without completing the study abroad advisory process Bellarmine may not accept their transfer credit. If a student elects to study abroad via a non-approved program after completing the study abroad advisory process, they will be required to take a leave of absence from Bellarmine.
  • Students may not study abroad during the semester immediately preceding their graduation and must complete one semester at Bellarmine before they are eligible to study abroad on traditional short term or long term programs.
  • Credit earned while studying abroad will not count towards a Bellarmine GPA.
  • Credits earned during a study abroad experience could take up to six months from the date of completion to be transferred onto a Bellarmine student’s transcript. Bellarmine students who elect to study abroad accept that they may experience delays in receiving their transfer credits. Transfer credit is contingent on students completing the pre-approval documentation provided by the Study Abroad and International Programs Office and remaining in communication with the Study Abroad and International Programs Office until their credits are posted to their Bellarmine transcript.  
  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 to be eligible to study abroad. Many study abroad options have a higher GPA or other academic admissions requirements to consider. Students with a cumulative GPA between 2.0 to 2.5 will need special approval to study abroad granted by the Study Abroad and International Programs Office. Students with a GPA below 2.5 will be required to complete additional application materials to demonstrate preparedness. The following criteria will be considered:
    • Ability to articulate and understand how study abroad relates to their academic goals 
    • The student’s plan for academic and personal success while abroad
    • A commitment to working with a BU Student Success Coach prior to applying and leading up to study abroad experience
    • Academic improvement in the semesters leading up to the application and time abroad
    • References from faculty or Bellarmine professional staff