Meet Winnie Shouse, the new Alumni Board President

Fall 2023

Winnie Shouse, a nurse practitioner with Norton Community Medical Associates Hurstbourne, is a four-time graduate of Bellarmine University, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2010), a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on Nursing Administration (2016), an MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner degree (2021) and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (2023).  
What contributions make you especially proud? 
I am very proud to be a member of the Alumni Board of Directors. Being a part of this amazing group of people has not only allowed me to give back to the university that I love so much, but it has allowed me to meet and become friends with other alumni from various graduating years.  
What do you hope to accomplish as Alumni Board president?   
My goal is to continue to help Bellarmine alumni and current students by supporting Bellarmine’s new initiative, Bellarmine Forward. This initiative aims to continue to advance, strengthen and improve the institution through academic restructuring, creating new academic programs, fundraising initiatives, community partnerships and maximizing access and affordability for students. As alumni, we can contribute to the success of Bellarmine Forward in many ways, whether financially or by creating community partnerships. Our support as alumni will provide current students access, affordability and the opportunity for advanced and hands-on learning. These opportunities will help ensure current that students are poised for success and prepared for their careers.  
How did your Bellarmine experience propel you to success?    
I would not be where I am today if not for the education I received from Bellarmine. The faculty and staff were the most valuable part of my Bellarmine experience, which propelled me to success in my career. They were patient, compassionate and continued to encourage me throughout every program. They gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to help me grow as a person and succeed in my career in nursing.  
What’s your advice to current Bellarmine students?   
Trust yourself. Have confidence and faith in yourself, your knowledge and your abilities. But know that it is OK to ask questions. I still ask questions every day. It’s how you learn. Live life to the fullest, laugh often and love unconditionally. Soak up every moment, every breath and every opportunity.  

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