Podcast: senior stories - political science student Bryce Chalfant

May 9, 2018


Bryce Chalfant, who graduates Saturday with a degree in political science and minors in anthropology and Spanish, shared his story with Bellarmine Magazine’s weekly podcast, The Pineapple

Chalfant said he experienced a major change between his freshman year and now. 

PineapplePodcast“Me as a freshman was so timid, and so shy," he said. "When I see freshmen now walking on campus and they look shy, or they keep to themselves, at the very least I can say ‘Hi,' or see how they’re doing, ask them how their day’s going or what’s going on, things like that. I really do care, and I know you have the potential to really expand who you are as a person on this campus." 

He said that shift is partly thanks to the Pioneer Scholars program for first-generation college students, where he was both a participant and a mentor. 

“My mentor first year was the reason why I broke out of my shell, because she’s the most extroverted person ever," he said. "Then having that role as a mentor to other students, and really learning that not only was I helping them but I was also gaining leadership skills.”

Chalfant studied in Salamanca, Spain, in the spring of 2017, where he also experienced growth and life-changing experiences.

"I met people from all over the world and they just drew out all these different sides of me that I never knew I was interested in," he said. "It was perfect, and I keep in contact with every single one of them that I become really close friends with.”

After graduating, Chalfant plans to return to Spain to teach English for a year, and then pursue a master’s degree in anthropology. 

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