Pioneer Scholars

Join us for Pioneer Scholars Day at Slugger Field

Saturday, July 21 • 4-10 p.m.
Meet fellow incoming first generation students and Pioneer mentors. Food, social activities, a ticket to the Louisville City FC soccer game and transportation to and from the field will be provided. Space is limited, so register today!

The Pioneer Scholars Program is a student-led organization that assists first-generation students in adjusting to the social and academic challenges of college life. Pioneer Scholars meets every Tuesday throughout the first year and Peer mentors provide guidance to freshmen students based on their own college experiences and knowledge of the University. Mentors guide first-generation students to be the first in their family to graduate with a four-year degree. With 35-40 percent of Bellarmine freshmen each year being first-generation we are a unique organization that connects students to not only mentors but to other students on campus through small group interactions. Every week is different in Pioneer Scholars and the mentors create social, academic, and service oriented events to make students feel more confident and comfortable in their Bellarmine experience. Our goal is to provide students with a resource and a peer that is always willing to help and establish a sense of achievement and pride in being a first-generation student.