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Start at Jefferson. Finish at Bellarmine.


Interested in becoming a Bellarmine Knight? 

Bellarmine University and Jefferson Community and Technical College have launched an affordable college transfer option called 2BU that allows Jefferson students to easily transfer their credits to Bellarmine with no application fee. It requires 24 credit hours and a 2.0 GPA from Jefferson. Check out the Pathways below.

As part of the Jefferson 2 Bellarmine partnership, Bellarmine is offering Jefferson students a total tuition rate of $16,300 per year, inclusive of comprehensive fees. And if you enroll now, take summer classes for free!

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Making Transferring to BU Easy

Request A Transcript Review

Provides you with a comprehensive explanation to detail which of your courses will count toward your major and allow you to complete your education at Bellarmine.

2x2 Pathways

Transfer Equivalency

What credits will carry over?

If your course or courses aren't listed here, complete the transfer transcript review to begin the evaluation process.

Application Deadlines

There are no application “deadlines” prior to the start of the semester for transfer students applying to Bellarmine because of our rolling admissions policy. We suggest, however, you apply and submit all credentials for admission three months before the start of the semester. This should give you enough time to become admitted, register for classes, and receive your financial aid package.

The last day for students to apply and submit all credentials for admission is the last day of the drop/add period.

Special JCTC Employee Rate*

Discounted tuition rate for JCTC employees on select graduate programs. Interested in learning more? Contact us now!

Start at Jefferson. Finish at Bellarmine


Contact Information

All applications and correspondence relevant to admission should be directed to:
Joshua O.D. Williams, Associate Director of Strategic Enrollment Partnerships