Acadeum Information

Bellarmine University is a member of the Acadeum course sharing network, which facilitates online course sharing among institutions that have similar curricular goals and academic quality standards. Acadeum provides opportunities for Bellarmine students to enroll in other member institutions' online courses to stay on track to completion. Students may use course sharing to repeat a course, catch up due to health withdrawals or leaves of absence, complete necessary prerequisites when they are not offered on campus during the term they are needed, and for other needs.

Courses taken through the Acadeum course sharing network are transcribed as Bellarmine courses, and charges for these courses appear on students’ Bellarmine accounts, simplifying procedures as compared to standard transfer courses.

General Education course requirements and major course requirements for a degree at Bellarmine may not be satisfied through Acadeum registration unless:

  1. The student can demonstrate a bona fide schedule conflict at Bellarmine University;
  2. The student’s progress for degree is unreasonably delayed due to Bellarmine’s course schedule; or
  3. By petition of the student, specific approval for the substitution has been approved through the Dean.

Acadeum registration for the substitution of university courses required in General Education or the major requires only the approval of the Office of the Registrar with the recommendation of the appropriate department chair.

More information about Acadeum, as well as a list of courses available, can be found at the Acadeum website. Students who wish to take courses under this program must consult with the Office of the Registrar and follow the procedures as directed to secure course approval and enrollment. Bellarmine reserves the right to determine acceptability for credit of courses taken at other institutions.