Report an Accessibility Issue

In an effort to acknowledge and tackle any accessibility related barriers (i.e., automatic door opener malfunction, obstructed paths, or inaccessible rooms/offices) faculty, staff, and students may face, Bellarmine University utilizes a work order system called School Dude. This is for the convenience of faculty, staff, and students to enter requests for services for maintenance, grounds, custodial, and for event support. Once a request is entered, all requests are automatically assigned a work order number, which can be used to track the progress until the work order is complete. The School Dude link can be found here.

All requests should be submitted as soon as possible. Any time sensitive requests should be received no later than 3 working days prior to the date the service is needed.

Emergency requests (i.e., leaks, electrical outages, elevator failures, etc.) can be reported to the Facilitates Management Office at 502.272.8117 on Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. A School Dude request is still necessary for proper documentation, tracking, and monitoring of progress. Any calls outside normal business hours can be directed to Public Safety at 502.272.7777. Public Safety will be able to contact after-hours staff as needed.

Following a confirmed room/space reservation, all event setup requests should be submitted no later than 3 working days prior to any event.

Important things to know when submitting a request

  1. If you have NOT entered a request before, you must register an account. This creates a personal account utilizing your email address as user name. Select the option for register here on the work order submittal page. You must set up an individual password to login. The School Dude account number, to use when registering a new account, is: 1177786880
  2. Once you complete the work order you will be prompted for a submittal password. The universal submittal password for all Bellarmine requestors is: knights
  3. Once the request is submitted, it will be reviewed, approved, and assigned to a technician.
  4. All progress on all requests can then be tracked in the requester’s School Dude account
  5. When the work order is complete, an email notification will be sent to the requester with resolution information.
  6. Full data records of this event are kept in historical records

If a critical service goes out, or a temporary barrier caused by damage, repairs, or construction prevents or limits access to normal traffic patterns to or through any facility, BU Facilities Management will communicate this information via campus mail, Bellarmine Today and The Daily Knight. The campus Director for Accessibility Resource Center will be notified of any outage or barrier that might affect any student, staff, faculty, or guests who may be challenged by these changes. When applicable, Facilities Management will also install temporary signage. Once service or repairs are complete and access is back to normal, all signage will be removed and notifications will be sent to the campus community and the Director of Accessibility Resource Center. All will be documented on the service request for this event.