Community Partnerships

Our Connection to the Louisville Community

The Louisville network of nonprofits, organizing groups, and government agencies is as diverse and vibrant as our city. Known as the "Compassionate City," our community is not one without challenges, but is one full of people who generate innovative ideas and initiatives to address those challenges with great care. We believe our community partners who do this work every single day are the experts in promoting equity, justice, and systemic change in this city, so we share a deep commitment to seeking their guidance and supporting truly reciprocal partnerships in all of our community engagement initiatives. This year, we will also be establishing a Community Partner Advisory Board to enhance collaboration and community input in the diverse ways Bellarmine students, staff, and faculty engage in community.

Volunteer Request Form

We value the work of local nonprofits, organizing groups, and government agencies. If your organization is seeking student volunteers, fill out the Volunteer Request Form.

Signature Community Partnerships for DEI and Core Curriculum

Bellarmine's Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Dr. DJ Mitchell, has named three priorities for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our community engagement: Health and Wellness, Financial Empowerment, and Access to Education. The Center for Community Engagement and President's Task Force for Community Engagement are currently working to identify signature community partnerships which align with each of these DEI priorities. To be announced: 2021.