Learning Communities

Cancellation announcement

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, all Learning Communities’ events will be cancelled through April 1. Please contact your LC Mentor if you have questions or concerns.

Learning Communities, simply stated, are groups of students brought together around a common theme or major in order to seamlessly connect curricular and co-curricular initiatives. The goal of a learning community is to integrate a variety of activities into an organized and connected experience for students so that student learning and student success is enhanced. Through the learning community structure, intentional efforts are made to create a supportive and inclusive network among students, mentors, staff, and faculty to assist in the transition to college. As a member of a learning community students will take a cluster of courses together during their first year of college. Students also have the option to live in Kennedy or Newman Halls, which houses students in the various learning communities. The residential component is optional as learning communities are designed for both commuting and residential students.

A learning community experience at Bellarmine includes:

  • Taking a cluster of courses together during the first year (specific courses are listed in the learning community descriptions)
  • Out of class social, service, and educational activities that align with the theme of the learning community
  • Mentoring and guidance from upperclass students during the first year
  • Opportunity to develop relationships with Bellarmine faculty and staff
  • Membership in a community of peers with a common interest
  • Live with members of a learning community in Kennedy or Newman Halls (optional)

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Mission and Outcomes

The mission of Bellarmine Learning Communities is to create a supportive learning environment designed for first year students in which academic and personal success is enhanced and nurtured.

The learning community program strives to:

  • Build a positive, inclusive network of support among students, mentors, faculty, and staff
  • Create an integrated academic and social experience to deepen student learning and success through seamless, connected and organized learning experiences



Kim Kerns, Director of Learning Communities