Learning Community Student Leadership

There are a variety of undergraduate positions within the learning community designed to assist students and enhance the learning community experience.

Learning Community Chair (LC Chair)

The Learning Community Chair (LC Chair) is a senior mentor who leads the mentor team in creating the learning community experience. The LC Chair position is critical to implementing initiatives that meet the programmatic and learning community outcomes. The position includes training the LC team on skills necessary to help LC students, facilitate weekly team meetings, assist faculty in the coordination of co-curricular activities, and committee work. The chair position requires that a student has been a mentor in the Learning Community program for one year.

Learning Community Mentor (LC Mentor)

The Learning Community Mentor (LC Mentor) works with a partner to guide and support students throughout their learning community experience. LC Mentors focus on building individual connections with students to assist in their transition, provide guidance and information regarding resources, and create a strong, supportive community. The LC Mentors create social and service opportunities for students as well as work collaboratively with the LC Chairs to create activities that align with the theme of the learning community. LC Mentors, in some cases, also have the opportunity to serve as the BU 100: First-Year Focus Student Instructors. 

Mentor Application Timeline: 
Mar. 12: Mentor Application Opens
Mar. 31: Mentor Application Deadline
Apr. 1-12: New Mentor Interviews 
Apr. 17: Mentor Selection Notifications

How do I become a member of the LC Team?

The application and selection process for student positions in the Learning Communities opens during the spring semester. The process includes the completion of an application and an interview with representatives from the Learning Communities.

Returning staff members participate in the rehire process.