Playing Time / Team Issues

Talk to your coach. If you are more comfortable talking to an assistant coach, do so but know that coaches have ultimate responsibility for playing time/team dynamics/program administration. It should be noted. The Bellarmine Athletic Department administration will not address issues regarding playing time.

Issues with Your Program

If you have discussed concerns with the coach(s) and feel that the issue has yet to be resolved, you may take additional steps and talk to the director who supervises the sport. The sports supervisors are listed below:

  • Scott Wiegandt: Men’s Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball
  • Pam Stackhouse: Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Softball, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis, Field Hockey, Wrestling
  • Annie Coryell: Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf, Men’s Cross Country/Track & Field, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field.
  • Chris Cooper: Men’s Swimming, Women’s Swimming, Sprint Football, Cheer, Dance.

Reporting Violations or Issues with NCAA Rules

If you are aware of or suspect possible NCAA rules violation(s) or need clarification on rules, you should contact the Associate AD for Compliance Annie Coryell (, 502.272.8408) or Assistant Director of NCAA Compliance Cole Mattingly (, 502.272.8380. The Bellarmine Athletics Compliance Office is located in Knights Hall, Room 022.

Issues with Your Student-Athlete Experience

Some staff members are uniquely qualified to help in a specific area. Such staff may include athletic trainers (injuries, health issues); academic advisors and learning specialists (educational issues); compliance directors (questions on NCAA rules, scholarship, eligibility); the Faculty Athletic Representative – Ann Jirkovsky (, 502.272.8199). You may prefer talking to another member of staff (including your coaches and/or sport administrators) with whom you feel most comfortable. They can guide you as to your next steps. Also, student-athletes from each team represent their sport on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Issues can be brought to them for discussion with the Committee, who can then bring it to the administration if appropriate.

Confidential Help

Bellarmine University Athletics and Norton Sports Health have partnered to provide integrated mental health services for student-athletes. Paula M. Struck is a licensed mental health therapist and fully integrated into Bellarmine Athletics for individual counseling, education sessions, and facilitated team meetings. All individual counseling services are private and confidential. Contact Paula directly at for services. Additionally, the Bellarmine University Counseling Center (BUCC), provides mental health services specific for student-athletes. An appointment can be scheduled online: Schedule an Appointment or by calling 502.272.8480. For immediate assistance outside business hours, student-athletes can dial 502.272.8480, select option 2, for an on-call counselor.

Assistance with Student Policies, Campus Resources, or Student in Crisis

The Dean of Students Office can help students understand University policies and procedures, educate them about and connect them to campus resources, and support students in crisis. Student-athletes may, at any time, contact the Dean of Students Office at 502.272.8150. 

Reporting a Crime

If the incident occurred on campus, a report should be made to the Bellarmine University Office of Public Safety at 502.272.7777. If the incident occurred away from campus, concerned persons should call 911 or travel to the local law enforcement agency where the incident occurred.

Reporting Non-Criminal Activity, or if you are Unsure of the Type of Activity but are Concerned

For non-emergency reporting, please contact the Office of Public Safety at 502.272.7777. You may also submit an Anonymous Security Report through the Office of Public Safety.

Reporting Concerns Regarding a Student’s Behavior

Student-athletes should talk with sports medicine staff, academic advisors, coaches, or administrative staff regarding concerns about fellow student-athletes. However, if the situation is for a non-athlete, or you do not feel the desire to contact an athletics department staff member, the University has a Care Team ( for anyone to make a report of concern. The Office of the Dean of Students will follow up regarding this report. 

If you have questions regarding the Care Team or your submitted report form, please contact Care Team chair, Dr. Leslie Maxie, at

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The President’s Advisory Board for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion wants to safeguard the unique qualities of all Bellarmine students, faculty, and staff. Per their webpage, “We believe that advancing equity and creating a diverse and inclusive academic environment in the image of our city requires an open mind, wisdom, and inspiration.” If you would like to contact the President’s Advisory Board on Equity and Inclusion, please contact Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer Tomarra Adams at

In the Fall of 2020, Bellarmine Athletics introduced an initiative called Validating Valor to provide resources to enhance the experience for our community. To further advance Bellarmine Athletics’ commitment to diversity, inclusion, and gender equity, it will launch the department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. The objective is to provide opportunities for shared expression and understanding around race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and socioeconomic background. The committee will consist of student-athletes, coaches, staff, and alumni.

Accessibility Resource Center

The Accessibility Resource Center is committed to achieving equal opportunities, access, and full participation for people with disabilities in all campus activities, programs, and events. The Accessibility Resource Center respects the intrinsic value of our students and recognizes the importance of an individualized approach when considering reasonable accommodations, services, and academic adjustments. Please contact the Director of the Accessibility Resource Center, Krista Schutz-Hampton, at or 502.272.8490 with any questions or needs regarding disability services. If you feel that you have experienced disability discrimination, you may contact Krista directly or complete the Student Concern Report at

Title IX (Sexual Misconduct) Violations

Cases involving possible Title IX violations, discrimination based on sex (i.e., sex discrimination), including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual violence, may be reported by a student-athlete to a coach, sports administrator, any member of the Bellarmine University Athletics Department administration, or the University Chief Title IX Officer: Allison Smithkier ( or 502.272.7150). Other resources for students for sexual misconduct-related offenses include:

  • Bellarmine University Counseling Center: 502.272.8480 (confidential)
  • Office of Health Services: 502.272.8313 (confidential)
  • The Center for Women and Families: 502.581.7200 (off-campus, confidential)
  • Human Development Corporation: 502.589.4357 (off-campus for staff/employees, confidential)
  • Dean of Students Office: 502.272.8150
  • Campus Ministry: 502.272.7051
  • Housing and Residence Life: 502.272.7272 

University Policy Violations and/or Ethical Violations

In cases of possible violations of university policies or ethical violations, student-athletes may contact a coach, sports administrator, member of the athletics department administration, or Dr. Leslie Maxie, Dean of Students. The Dean of Students can be contacted via phone at 502.272.7150. 

Academic Integrity or Fraud

Student-athletes with questions or concerns about the Academic Integrity Policy may contact the Director of Academic and Support Services for Student-Athletes, Dr. Andrew Schroeder (, 502.272.7450) or Assistant Director of Academic and Support Services for Student-Athletes, Hunter Spencer (, 502.272.8217).

Reporting Bias Incidents

A Bias Incident Report Form is available online to report acts of discrimination, harassment, or other forms of intolerance perpetrated against any individual based upon the individual’s perceived age, ancestry, color, race, religion, national origin, culture, gender, gender identity expression, sexual orientation, ability or veteran status. You can locate this form by clicking here.

For further questions/concerns, contact Allison Schumacher Smithkier, Assistant Dean of Students.