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Student and Alumni Spotlight

Matt Kamer ’95

Current Gig: Partner and Director of Public Relations, Bandy Carroll Hellige Advertising & Public Relations

Previous Gigs: Deputy Director of Communications, Louisville Mayor’s Office, Senior Account Manager, Guthrie/Mayes Public Relations

Internship while at Bellarmine: Corporate Communications intern, Brown-Forman Corp.

“Bellarmine’s emphasis on providing real-world experience helped prepare me for my career. The emphasis on being involved in the Concord, the internships, the team projects in the communications courses all were invaluable. It was a true accomplishment and life lesson to figure out how to manage my time to successfully meet all my responsibilities and deadlines.”

Find me online: // LinkedIn: Matt Kamer

Aimee Kuvadia ’11

Current Gig: Grad student at Columbia Journalism School in NYC specializing in magazine journalism

Internship while at Bellarmine: The Voice-Tribune (newspaper writing and editing) and St. Francis High School (public relations and marketing intern)

“I really enjoyed my communication theory class with Dr. Ruth Wagoner. I had never before had the opportunity to explore the relation between philosophy and communication, which I found very interesting and applicable to real-world situations. Before Bellarmine, I didn’t know what I could achieve. Without the help of Bellarmine’s faculty, I probably wouldn’t be in graduate school right now. I was also proud of writing for The Concord. Seeing a byline with my name above stories I had written made me feel really good inside.”

Find me online: Twitter: @aimeekuvadia // Blog:

Kacy Durbin Noltemeyer ’06

Current Gig: Manager of Annual Giving, Hosparus

Previous Gigs: Development Coordinator, The Louisville Zoo

Internship while at Bellarmine: Event Marketing Intern, St. Jude Children’s Hospital

“There were a lot of communication classes at Bellarmine that helped to shape my career choice. The assistance landing internships helped to determine that I wanted to stay in the nonprofit field and the one-on-one support from professors was very encouraging along the way.”

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Tatiana Rathke ’13

Current Gig: College student, blogger for MyBU

Previous Gigs: Server, Manager at Phonathon

“All of the teachers I’ve had, along with my advisor Dr. Lara Needham, have been amazing with advice. I’m proudest of getting to host my own radio show with as much creative freedom as I wanted. I chose to spend my junior year in the Netherlands studying at the University of Amsterdam, writing for MyBU Blogs about my experiences abroad as a college student and avid adventurer.”

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Paige Wills ’12

Current Gig: Social Media Analyst, Sam Swope Corp.

Previous Gigs: Independent Blogger ( – blog about the paper industry), insurance customer service and marketing, receptionist

Internship while at Bellarmine: Guthrie/Mayes Public Relations, Kentucky Derby Museum, AT&T Morning Line Radio Show

“I never thought I would have the opportunity to work on the red carpet during the Kentucky Derby, fly to New York City on a private jet, or be flown to Washington D.C. to give a speech to CEOs and top-level management about my blog. I always knew Bellarmine University was the college for me. However, the School of Communication reinforced my decision and made my experience at Bellarmine great.”

Find me online: Facebook // Twitter: @pwills02 // LinkedIn: Paige Willis // Blog:

Dr. Hope Zoeller ’93

Current Gig: President and Founder, HOPE (Helping Other People Excel), LLC, a leadership development and business coaching firm

Previous Gigs: Learning & Development Supervisor, UPS (United Parcel Service)

“Bellarmine provided me with a strong foundational perspective on the best practices of communication. I’ve utilized this knowledge in my corporate and consultant roles to help move organizations forward.”

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