Rates for Bellarmine University Rental Spaces

Knights Hall: Athletics Only

Frazier Hall: $2,000

Cralle Theater: $2,000

Hilary's: $400

McGrath Art Gallery: $400

Small Meeting Rooms (seating fewer than 15): $75
Large Meeting Rooms (seating 15 or more): $125

Small Classrooms (seating fewer than 28): $75
Large Classrooms (seating 28 or more): $125

Small Science Theater: $200

Anniversary Hall: $50/single, $70/double

Kennedy/Newman: $40/single, $50/double, $60/triple

Petrik Hall: $40/single, $60/double

Siena Halls: $50/single, $70/double

*Discounts are available to Bellarmine alumni, staff, students and non-profit groups.