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Beautifully illustrated Saint John's Bible in Bellarmine library through June 2015

Sep 30, 2014

The first Bible to be written and illustrated completely by hand since the invention of the printing press is in Bellarmine University's library through June 2015.

StJohnBibleframeA Heritage Edition of the Gospels and Acts volume of The Saint John's Bible -- completed in 2002 -- is on display in the university's W. L. Lyons Brown Library, which is open to the public.

This full-sized reproduction of the original can be viewed, under glass, during the library's regular operating hours, or small groups can arrange a closer, guided visit through the entire volume. To schedule one of these 30-minute guided visits, contact Bellarmine's Office of Campus Ministry at 502/272.8051.

The Saint John's Bible is a project conceived by calligrapher Donald Jackson, currently senior scribe to Queen Elizabeth II. Designed entirely by hand over several years, using traditional ink and pigments, the book illustrates Biblical stories with some unique modern touches, such as a DNA helix and Jesus -- in blue jeans -- sowing seeds.

The Bible also includes flora and fauna native to Minnesota, since the original Saint John's Bible is housed at St. John's University.

Dr. Melanie-Prejean Sullivan, Bellarmine's director of Campus Ministry, says small group visits are designed for school groups and adults. "Examining The Saint John's Bible offers lessons in art, Biblical scholarship, science, geography and cultural history," she said. "It's beautiful as a significant art project and it's remarkable as a visual guide to help understand the text."

Campus Ministry and Bellarmine's Department of Theology are planning to invite speakers to campus this fall to further explore the story behind The Saint John's Bible.

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