Honors Program

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The Bellarmine University Honors Program offers undergraduates the opportunity to challenge themselves academically in small seminar classes and to enrich their learning both inside and outside the classroom, culminating with in-depth research opportunities through the Senior Honors Thesis. The program is open to qualified, motivated students of all majors. The Honors Program offers practical, social, cultural, and intellectual benefits, some more tangible than others.

  • small, discussion-oriented seminars that satisfy general education requirements 
  • formal and informal cultural and social events ranging from picnics to canoe trips to museum tours 
  • tickets to plays, concerts, ballets, and operas made available to Honors students at no cost 
  • opportunities to meet distinguished visiting lecturers in small group discussions 
  • specialty housing in a study-friendly environment 
  • the in-depth research and creative experience of the senior honors thesis

In addition to the benefits offered by the extracurricular activities, the small, discussion-oriented classes, and the experience of sharing your undergraduate years with a respected cohort, the capstone experience of the Senior Honors Thesis provides invaluable preparation for future graduate and professional school pursuits, as well as a valuable credential for any career path. The skills and depth of knowledge–knowledge of the subject studied and knowledge of one’s self–gained through the process of the year-and-a-half long research endeavor leads Honors students to describe these projects as among the most valuable experiences of their undergraduate careers. The Bellarmine University Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and can be found in Peterson’s Guide to Honors Programs and Colleges.

Mission Statement

The Honors Program provides enrichment opportunities for exceptionally talented, creative and academically committed students and seeks to create an intellectual community in and extending beyond the classroom walls. The program connects students with Bellarmine’s best faculty through small classes and participation in out-of-class activities. Students learn in a collaborative environment where their ideas and research are treated with respect. As a community of scholars, students and faculty work enthusiastically to achieve the following objectives:

In addition to developing higher order skills in self-expression, critical thinking, information gathering and problem solving, students will

  • understand complex issues from diverse perspectives
  • write analytical or scientific papers of substantial length and depth
  • participate in learning experiences outside the classroom
  • be provided a competitive advantage in pursuing graduate education


Honors Alumni, Post-Graduation Status 2000-2009