College of Arts and Sciences

Mission Statement

As the cornerstone of a Bellarmine education, the College of Arts & Sciences inspires, empowers, and prepares students to flourish in a dynamic and complex world. Our liberal arts and sciences curriculum provides a transformative experience that challenges preconceptions, ignites inquiry and creativity, and develops ethical leaders and globally engaged citizens.

College Highlights

Bellarmine College of Arts and Sciences presents the liberal arts tradition that forms the very foundation of a Bellarmine education.

A liberal arts degree is highly sought-after because it emphasizes critical thinking, diverse learning, core research skills, and the ability to work productively with others. Through electives, minors, and/or double majors, students have diverse opportunities to combine multiple disciplines into a comprehensive educational package. Students in Bellarmine College are successful in finding rewarding employment and enroll in a wide range of graduate, law, medical, and other professional schools after graduation.

Compelling Minors

Bellarmine College offers a variety of unique minors with a focus on social justice including African American & African Diaspora StudiesPeace StudiesRefugee & Forced Migration StudiesWomen & Gender Studies. Other minors help students delve deeply into personal interests such as Anthropology, Art History, or Film Studies or develop career and creative skills in Creative Writing, Digital Media, Marketing Communications, Television News & Sports Broadcasting, and other areas.

Fulbright Awards

Five Bellarmine College faculty members have received Fulbright teaching and research awards: English Professors Jennifer Barker and Anthony O’Keeffe, Theology Professors Joseph Flipper and Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, and Communication Professor Moira O’Keefe. Additionally, English Professor Fred Smock has served as the Kentucky commonwealth’s Poet Laureate.

Scholars in Writing

Scholars in Writing: A Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Humanities showcases student writing that demonstrates interdisciplinary inquiry, original thought and compelling prose. The journal publishes award-winning student essays from two contests held each academic year during the spring semester. It is published biennially and supported by the Department of Theology, the First-Year Writing Program, and the Office of Academic Affairs.

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School of Arts and Sciences Programs

As a student in an arts and sciences program, you’ll find a faculty committed to the intellectual development of the whole person. People who graduate with a degree in the liberal arts and sciences are clear thinkers, problem solvers, and creative people with the ability to know, understand, change and grow. Whether your passion is art, biology, communication, mathematics, music, psychology or one of 20 other majors, we've got you covered.

Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council of Bellarmine College of Arts and Sciences is a diverse group of students representing a range of majors in the fine arts, humanities, math, and sciences. Working closely with the dean’s office, the committee discusses college-specific concerns and provides feedback on how to enhance the educational experience for all A&S students. The council is composed of 12 undergraduates – four students each from the sophomore, junior and senior classes – and one graduate student. Meetings allow these representatives to address current issues on campus and to offer a student perspective on University goals, policies and services.

Joy Board headshotJoy Board (junior) 
English major, History minor

Anna Doninger headshotAnna Doninger (senior) 
Foreign Language & International Studies major, Anthropology minor

Hannah EcksteinHannah Eckstein (junior)
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major, Biology minor

Joshua Galindo headshotJosh Galindo (senior)
Chemistry major

Jasmina Harambasic headshotJasmina Harambasic (junior) 
Psychology major, Anthropology and Refugee & Forced Migration double minor

Holly Kissel headshotHolly Kissel (sophomore) 
Business Administration and Theatre double major

Joshua Mellon headshotJoshua Mellon (senior) 
History major

Sydney Packard headshotSydney Packard (sophomore) 
Criminal Justice Studies and Psychology double major, Sociology minor

Claire Parker headshotClaire Parker (sophomore) 
Sociology and Philosophy double major, Psychology and WGST double minor

Christina Porter headshotChristina Porter (senior) 
Mathematics and Computer Science double major

Bilal Qazi headshotBilal Qazi (junior)
Communication major, Anthropology minor

Grace Ruckriege headshotGrace Ruckriegel (sophomore) 
Criminal Justice Studies and English double major

Adam Warner headshotAdam Warner (graduate student) 
Master of Science in Digital Media