The finance major at Bellarmine integrates the theory and application of finance, supplemented by a broad background in accounting and economics. The major stresses application of financial tools and analysis, supported by the comprehensive liberal arts foundation inherent in all Bellarmine University business degrees.

Learning Goals

  1. Finance graduates will demonstrate knowledge of core business functions.
  2. Finance graduates will demonstrate the ability to recognize and analyze ethical problems.
  3. By collecting and analyzing firm and industry data, finance graduates will be able assess the financial strengths and weaknesses of a firm, and to evaluate the firm relative to its peers. Each student must demonstrate the ability, through clarity, content and composition, to convey this assessment to others in written communication.
  4. Each student must demonstrate the ability to recognize increasing globalization, and its impact on business practices.
  5. Students shall be able to express themselves clearly and professionally in oral presentations


Bradley Stevenson, Ph.D., Chair (email)
Daniel L. Bauer, DBA (email)
Patrick Lach, Ph.D. (email)
Myra J. McCrickard, Ph.D. (email)
Francis E. Raymond, Ph.D. (email)
Hongwei Song, Ph.D. (email)

Study Abroad

Bellarmine offers a wide variety of study abroad options on 6 continents in over 50 countries and at over 150 partner campuses around the globe.


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