Accommodations and Support Services

Accessibility Resource Center will offer both virtual and in-person appointment options for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Accessibility Resource Center utilizes a secure and confidential platform called Accommodate. This site helps in the process of identifying, approving, delivering, and managing accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Accommodate offers a streamlined way for students to securely upload documentation, make appointments with staff at the Accessibility Resource Center, request testing times at the Testing Center, and access notes (if the students has the note-taker accommodation).

First time students requesting accommodations need to fill out an accommodation request form on our Accommodate site.

Students will receive a confirmation email of their application. After the Accessibility Resource Center reviews the application, the student will be prompted with another email on the next steps to take.

Students who have already registered with Accessibility Resource Center can log onto Accommodate with their Bellarmine email address and password.