Disability Services

Disability Services is committed to achieving equal opportunities, access, and full participation for people with disabilities in all campus activities, programs, and events. Disability Services respects the intrinsic value of our students and recognizes the importance of an individualized approach when considering reasonable accommodations, services, and academic adjustments. We strive to help students see that their disability contributes to their strengths and resiliency and grants them a unique perspective when faced with obstacles. These qualities contribute to a diverse campus and enrich the educational environment.

We are dedicated to removing the institutional, physical, and attitudinal barriers our students face during their higher education journey. Disability Services strives to guide students to become strong self-advocates in getting their accommodation needs met in college and beyond.

Director of Disability Services

The Director of Disability Services serves as a liaison for students with the faculty, staff, and administration. The Director's office is in the Library, B level, room BL-B05A.

Ms. Ronda Purdy
Director of Disability Services
Fax: 502.272.8491