Title IX Volunteer Pool

Title IX Volunteer Pool

The Title IX volunteer pool consists of full time faculty and staff members who have been trained to fulfill specific roles and responsibilities as it relates to a formal Title IX complaint for which the University has determined it has the ability to seek resolution.  This pool is updated yearly.  In the event that there is a conflict of interest with one or more parties, an alternate may be assigned to assist in a case.  There may be times when the University contracts for an external party to fulfill one or more of the Title IX process pool roles. 

Members of the volunteer pool are assigned by the Chief Title IX Officer to assist with cases.  The one exception to this is the role of the Title IX Advisor.  The Complainant and the Respondent in the case have the opportunity to select up to two Advisors.  These Advisors may be from the trained University Volunteer Pool or they can be any person(s) that the party chooses to have.  


Current Advisors

  • Dr. Elizabeth Dinkins
  • Danielle White
  • Daeja Robinson
  • Sarah Stephens
  • Dr. Pam Cartor
  • Shawn Newton
  • Shelby Bosi-Linton
  • Dr. Stella Kanchewa
  • Sydney Bland

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Current Investigators

  • Dr. Beth Quinn
  • Dr. Bryan Hamann
  • Dr. Chris Webb
  • Dr. Gabri Warren
  • Dr. Lindsey Gilmore
  • Dr. Liz Byron
  • Matt Real
  • Dr. Pam Cartor

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Hearing Officers

Current Hearing Officers

  • Annie Coryall
  • Chris Kircher
  • Dr. Conor Picken
  • Jacob Smith
  • Dr. Justin Klassen
  • Lori Minton
  • Dr. Will Wells

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Alternate Resolution Officers

Current Alternate Resolution Officers

  • Jenny Beckham
  • Dr. Kate Johnson
  • Dr. Mark Wiegand

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Appeal Officers

Current Appeal Officers

  • Dr. Helen Grace Ryan
  • Dr. Mark Wiegand
  • Dr. Nancy York

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Additional Support

The Chief Title IX Officer or Deputy reserves the right to assign an outside third party contractor to assist with a Title IX process as necessary.  Any third party contractor utilized will have extensive training and experience with the role they are requested to serve.

Chief Title IX Officer & Deputy Officer Trainings

  • ATIXA Title IX Coordinator & Administrator Level One Certification
  • ATIXA Title IX Hearing Officer & Decision-Maker Certification
  • ATIXA Title IX Compliance & Athletics Certification