Mission, Vision and Code of Ethics

Residence Life Mission

The Mission of the Department of Residence Life is to support the mission of the Division of Student Affairs by providing a living-learning environment for students that supports their academic endeavors and fosters the growth of the whole person. Residence Life promotes student development by encouraging the student to live cooperatively in community, to demonstrate good citizenship and character, and to become involved in the activities and leadership opportunities in the halls.

Residence Life Vision

The Residence Life program at Bellarmine University seeks to educate our residents in the ways of community. In keeping with the catholic tradition of Bellarmine University, the Residence Life program upholds the fundamental dignity of each resident. Residents are expected to treat each other with respect and concern, and to be engaged, productive members of the community.

Code of Ethics

The Department of Residence Life adheres to the Standards of Professional Practice set forth by the Association of College and University Housing Officers- International (ACUHO-I).

Five Principles of Community

Community is defined as a body of people living together in the same place for a common purpose. The Bellarmine Community is defined by the individuals who live within it and by their relationships to each other. Residence Life creates a positive, learning community in which the individuals are able to develop their skills, values, and identity, and provides the structure for an effective community through quality programming and meaningful leadership opportunities within the halls. Residence Life also provides community members with the tools to hone their skills as life-long learners. Each community member is asked to individually contribute to the community to reach the holistic principle of a strong, positive community.

  1. Connection – Contribute to a community that fosters connection to one another and to the University.
  2. Academics – Contribute to a community that is conducive to academic pursuits and encourages all members to meet their academic goals.
  3. Diversity – Contribute to an open community that encourages exploration of individual values and identity, and promotes treating others with respect and dignity, valuing diversity in all aspects.
  4. Civility – Contribute to an orderly and clean community, maintaining one’s personal space and consideration for fellow residents, and sharing the collective responsibility of caring for the building and its common areas.
  5. Well-Being – Contribute to a safe community for all members by demonstrating care and concern for one’s own health and safety and that of fellow community members, and adhering to all safety protocols.