Petrik Hall

Petrik Hall is is a suite style building, accommodating 135 first-year students, in 16 suites located on five floors. Petrik houses our Brown Leadership and Galileo Learning communities. Each suite has four double bedrooms and one single, a commons/living area, and two bathrooms with extra vanities.

Petrik Amenitites

  • Co-Educational
  • Carpet
  • AC/Heat 
  • Wireless Internet 
  • 2-5 XL Twin Beds
  • 2-5 Desks & Chairs 
  • 2-5 Closets/Wardrobes 
  • Vending/Ice Machines 
  • Recreational Areas 
  • Lounge with TV 
  • Computer Lab 
  • Study Space
  • ADA Accessible Rooms
  • Microwave/Refrigerator 
  • Smoke-Free Environments 
  • 24 Hour-in-Hall Visitation
  • Laundry Facilities

Room Assignments

When placing paired students into buildings and room assignments, we are very intentional about building strong communities and well-balanced halls consisting of diverse students. This process allows for students to live in a more compatible environment as part of a community of students with a wide variety of personalities and interests. Applications will not be considered complete until all of the following are received:

  1. Submit Online a Residence Hall Application
  2. Room Deposit $100, Damage Deposits $ 85, and Application fee $15. Total Deposit: $200

Residential Living Policy

On-campus residence affords students added opportunity to become fully involved in college life. All full-time first, second and third year students who are 22 years of age or younger must live in the residence halls or with a local parent/legal guardian (within a 50 mile radius of the university). Exceptions may be made in special cases, but must have prior approval from the Director of Housing and Residence Life. If a first, second, or third year student does not live either with a parent/legal guardian or in the halls and has not applied for an exception, the student may be subject to judicial sanctioning from the University and/or housing fines.