There are many resources available to members of the Bellarmine community who have experienced issues related to dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. If you would like to meet with the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator or a BraveBU student ambassador, please email us at We are happy to provide access to resources and services; share information; discuss options related to Title IX and other reporting; or simply offer a brave space (also known as a safe space) for supportive care.  

Before reaching out, please note the difference between private and confidential resources as described below. BraveBU ambassadors are confidential resources and monitor the email account.  


Information will be treated as private and only shared as necessary with those who can provide support or as required by law with Title IX and Care Team members. You will always be informed when information is shared: 

  • Residence Life Staff (including student staff) 

  • Faculty & Staff 

  • Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator 

  • Full-Time Athletic & Coaching Staff 

  • All Bellarmine employees are considered mandatory reporters* 

  • *exceptions for those whose professional licensure or mandates allow for confidentiality (see below) 

  • This means that reporting any instance of sexual harassment, discrimination, or misconduct is NOT optional 

Information will not be shared without written consent*: 

*exceptions for disclosure of intent to harm oneself or others 

Interested in filing a report? Please complete the student concern report