Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to bring?

You will need to bring linens (extra long twin sheets), blanket, pillow, comforter, alarm clock, towels, bathrobe, laundry bag and personal items. You may want to bring a small reading lamp, but any type of halogen lamp is not permitted.

Do NOT bring items such as a microwave larger than 700 Watts, alcohol, refrigerators larger than 3.2 cubic feet*, candles and candle warmers, or incense. *Please note that only 1 refrigerator and microwave is allowed per room.

May I decorate my room?

You are encouraged to personalize your room, within limitations. Mini-blinds are provided, but curtains on a spring-rod may be added. It is best if you wait until you arrive to make major purchases. A tack strip is available on the walls in most of the rooms and is used for hanging posters, or you may use sticky tack. Nails, staples, decals, double-sided tape or stickers are not allowed.

May I cook in my room?

Rooms are not equipped for cooking full meals. Each hall has an area where there is a microwave oven, sink and vending area; and some halls have full kitchens for residential use. DO NOT bring hot pots, oil popcorn poppers, toaster ovens, toasters or other cooking appliances, including George Foreman Grills.

One microwave per room is provided in Kennedy-Newman, Anniversary, and the Sienas. Full kitchens are in each suite in Petrik. 

Are there places to study in the halls?

Yes. Study rooms are located on the ground floor of Kennedy Hall; on the second, third and fourth floors of Anniversary Hall; and in designated areas in the Siena Complex. These study rooms are open 24 hours per day. These rooms are for study or reading purposes only and cannot be reserved for group/organization use.

May I bring a computer?

Yes, all residence halls offer wireless access. Students will only need an Ethernet card (inside their computer) to access the University's network. The Information Services Office will be happy to answer any questions on this technology. Please email the Help Desk with any questions or call them at 502.272.8301.

How do I receive mail?

Mail is delivered to a central mailroom in Horrigan Hall. The mail is picked up and distributed to residence boxes in each hall. Packages are held in the Residence Life Package Desk in Petrik Hall and emails are sent to those residents who have received a package. Student box numbers are assigned on check-in day. Once a student is notified of the residence hall they will be living in they may have mail sent to:
Student's Name
Bellarmine University Campus Box #
Name of Residence Hall
2001 Newburg Road
Louisville, KY 40205

Will I have a telephone number?

Yes, local telephone service is provided if requested. Residents who wish to have a landline may request activation by completing a form in the Residence Life Office. Students will need to bring their own telephone and answering machine if they choose to have one.

How can I make long distance calls?

Long distance calls may be placed by using the long distance service of your choice. The long distance company will provide a calling card with a toll free number.

Do I have a curfew?

No, but we do have a visitation policy. Visitation is 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. in all buildings for outside guests. Petrik, and Anniversary halls have 24-hour in-hall (building residents) visitation. Bellarmine properties have 24 hour open visitation.

What if I don’t go home during the holidays?

Residence halls are closed during official University breaks. These include winter and spring breaks. Out of town students must apply for an exception to stay in the halls during these times and if the exception is granted a per night fee will be assessed. Fall Break and Easter Break are included in the housing fees and contract and students may stay in the halls during these times. Note that the University Dining Hall will not be open during Christmas Break, Spring Break, or Easter Break and with limited hours during other official breaks.

Security on Campus and the Halls

Security is a responsibility shared by students, Public Safety officers, and staff. Public Safety officers are available 24-hours a day to assist all students. Residents are expected to give full cooperation to Public Safety by complying with residence hall and university policies and procedures. For your safety and the security of your belongings, all residence halls are locked 24 hours a day.