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Welcome to the Spinal Cord/Brainstem Interactive Atlas Maintenance Page
This page was designed by the website author to assist with the maintenance of the site. As you may be aware, this atlas requires a large number of files to allow it to be "Interactive". The number of individual html files that compose this atlas stands at 287. Finding the particular file you wish to edit could be time consuming. With this page you should be able to find the file you need relatively quickly.


Site Basics
As we all know there are 27 plates in this atlas. However, there are actually twice that many html files (54 for you non-math majors) that are called plates. This is because the "ZOOM" feature of the site simply links to another plate with a larger image. The large image is also a clickable image which greatly increased the difficulty of making updates to this site during it's creation, and which could cause problems when making corrections to plates.

The standard plate files are named "platexsm.html" with x indicating the number of the plate. For example plate VI is "plate6sm.html". The sm here indicates it is the small version. The large version of this plate is "plate6.html". Please note that the default plate is always the sm version. Even when viewing a large plate, clicking on the next or previous arrow or clicking the plate number menu, the visitor will be advanced to the small version.

The popup windows themselves are individual web pages (html files) that are caused to "pop up" when a structure is clicked. There are 226 files that are intended to be viewed in a popup window. The best service this maintenance web page provides is a way to quickly determine the file name of one of these 226 files to allow additions and/or corrections.
CLICK HERE to jump down to the locator below.

The size of the popup window, and it's postion on the screen, are determined by the javascript hidden at the top of the plate files NOT in the individual popup html files..

The files are named using the first letter of each portion of the named structure. In this manner the "dorsal longitudinal fasciculus" description is the file "dlf.html". This naming convention works fairly well, however a significant number of structures share initials, therefore some html files were given a slight variation. Look below to find a specific popup window file name.

The popup windows for the "level of section" image on plates 5 - 27 are separate from the plate files. That is, if you need to change a popup from the level of section image be sure to locate the file listed below for this image map. The naming convention used for these files was the first four letters of the name of the structure (with only two exceptions).

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Popup Window file locator
The name of the structure appears on the right with the corresponding html file name located on the left. Click the structure name on the right to bring up the actual popup window for review. To edit the window, make note of the html file name and open it in a word processor or web creation software.

Scroll down the list or select the first letter of the structure to jump down.
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Note: The popups for the "level of section" image are separate from the others. CLICK HERE to jump down to these file names.

Plate structure html file names
File name Structure name (Click to bring up popup window)
abn.html Abducens nucleus
acct.html Aberrant corticobulbar tract
an.html Accessory nucleus
al.html Ansa lenticularis
act.html Anterior corticospinal tract
af.html Anterior funiculus
amf.html Anterior median fissure
amv.html Anterior medullary velum
apt.html Anterior propriospinal tract
asa.html Anterior spinal artery
asct.html Anterior spinocerebellar tract
ast.html Anterior spinothalamic tract
awc.html Anterior white commissure
as.html Anterolateral sulcus
arn.html Arcuate nucleus
boph.html Base of posterior horn
boic.html Brachium of inferior colliculus
bosc.html Brachium of superior colliculus
cpoph.html Caput of posterior horn
cc.html Central canal
cnot.html Central nucleus of thalamus
ctt.html Central tegmental tract
ca.html Cerebral aqueduct
cbc.html Cerebellar commissure
cp.html Cerebral peduncle (Basis pedunculi)
cvoph.html Cervix of posterior horn
csnotn.html Chief sensory nucleus of trigeminal nerve
cn.html Clark's nucleus (nucleus dorsalis)
cdovn.html Cochlear division of vestibulocochlear nerve
coic.html Commissure of inferior colliculus
cosc.html Commissure of superior colliculus
cacf.html Corticospinal and corticopontine fibers
ct.html Corticospinal tract
ctmf.html Corticopontine tract (minus frontopontines)
cf.html Cuneate fasciculus
cun.html Cuneate nucleus
doiaf.html Decussation of internal arcuate fibers
doscp.html Decussation of superior cerebellar peduncle
dotn.html Decusation of trochlear nerve
dn.html Dentate nucleus
dt.html Dentatorubrothalamic tracts
daon.html Dorsal accessory olivary nucleus
dcn.html Dorsal cochlear nucleus
deaf.html Dorsal external arcuate fibers
dlf.html Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus
dmn.html Dorsal motor nucleus
dmnov.html Dorsal motor nucleus of vagus
dnoll.html Dorsal nucleus of lateral lemniscus
drosn.html Dorsal root of spinal nerve
dst.html Dorsal spinocerebellar tract
dtd.html Dorsal tegmental decussation
dtt.html Dorsal trigeminothalamic tract
df.html Dorsolateral fasciculus (Lissauer's tract)
dnot.html Dorsomedial nucleus of thalamus
ewn.html Edinger-Westphal nucleus
ecn.html External cuneate nucleus
eml.html External medullary lamina
en.html Emboliform nucleus
f.html Fornix
ff.html Fastigiobulbar fibers
fln.html Facial nerve
fn.html Facial nucleus
foan.html Fasicles of abducens nerve
fofn.html Fascicles of facial nerve
fogn.html Fascicles of glossopharyngeal nerve
fohn.html Fascicles of hypoglossal nerve
foon.html Fascicles of oculomotor nerve
fotn.html Fascicles of trigeminal nerve
fotrn.html Fascicles of trochlear nerve
fovpovn.html Fascicles of vestibular portion of vestibulocochlear nerve
fovrosn.html Fascicles of ventral root of spinal nerve
fsn.html Fastigial nucleus
ft.html Frontopontine tract
fv.html Forth ventricle
gofn.html Genu of facial nerve
gbn.html Globose nucleus
gp.html Globus pallidus
gf.html Gracile fasciculus
gn.html Gracile nucleus
habn.html Habenular nucleus
hc.html Habenular commissure
hf.html Habenulopeduncular fasciculus
ht.html Habenulopeduncular tract
hn.html Hypoglossal nucleus
h.html Hypothalamus
icp.html Inferior cerebellar peduncle
icpcdst.html Inferior cerebellar peduncle containing dorsal spinocerebellar tract
ion.html Inferior olivary nucleus
ionre.html Inferior olivary nucleus (rostral end)
isn.html Inferior salivatory nucleus
ivn.html Inferior vestibular nucleus
ir.html Infundibular recess
ilcc.html Intermediolateral cell column
imcc.html Intermediomedial cell column
iaf.html Internal arcuate fibers
ic.html Internal capsule
iml.html Internal medullary lamina
if.html Interolivary fibers
itf.html Interpeduncular fossa
in.html Interpeduncular nucleus
inn.html Interstitial nucleus
jb.html Juxtarestiform body
lct.html Lateral corticospinal tract
lcn.html Lateral cuneate nucleus
lf.html Lateral funiculus
lgb.html Lateral geniculate body
ll.html Lateral lemniscus
lmn.html Lateral motor nuclei
lpt.html Lateral propriospinal tract
lrn.html Lateral reticular nucleus
lst.html Lateral spinothalamic tract
lvnot.html Lateral ventral nucleus of thalamus
lvn.html Lateral vestibular nucleus
lvt.html Lateral vestibulospinal tract
lenf.html Lenticular fasciculus
mb.html Mammillary body
mf.html Mammillothalamic fasciculus
maon.html Medial accessory olivary nucleus
mgb.html Medial geniculate body
ml.html Medial lemniscus
mlatb.html Medial lemniscus and trapezoid body
mlf.html Medial longitudinal fasciculus
mmn.html Medial motor nuclei
mvn.html Medial vestibular nucleus
mnotn.html Motor nucleus of trigeminal nerve
mtanotn.html Mesencephalic tract and nucleus of trigeminal nerve
mrotn.html Mesencephalic root of trigeminal nerve
mcp.html Middle cerebellar peduncle
mnot.html Midline nuclei of thalamus
mtn.html Midline thalamic nuclei
nt.html Nigrostriate tract
na.html Nucleus ambiguus
nod.html Nucleus of Darkschewitsch
noic.html Nucleus of inferior colliculus
np.html Nucleus prepositus
nosc.html Nucleus of superior colliculus
on.html Oculomotor nucleus
oc.html Optic chiasm
or.html Optic recess
ot.html Optic tract
of.html Olivocerebellar fibers
papt.html Pallidonigral and pallidotegmental tracts
pgostn.html Pars gelatinosa of spinal trigeminal nucleus
pmostn.html Pars magnocellularis of spinal trigeminal nucleus
pb.html Pineal body
p.html Pulvinar
pc.html Posterior commissure
pn.html Pontine nuclei
pcn.html Pontocerebellar fibers
ptf.html Pontocerebellar fibers
pf.html Posterior funiculus
pfg.html Posterior funicular gray (nucleus proprius)
pis.html Posterior intermediate sulcus
pmsm.html Posterior median septum
pms.html Posterior median sulcus
ppt.html Posterior propriospinal tract
psa.html Posterior spinal arteries
pnot.html Posterolateral nucleus of thalamus
ptn.html Posterolateral thalamic nucleus
ps.html Posterolateral sulcus
pref.html Prerubral field
pa.html Pretectal area
pt.html Pyramidal (corticospinal) tract
pd.html Pyramidal decussation
rn.html Red nucleus
rnot.html Reticular nuclei of thalamus
rt.html Rubrospinal tract
srottn.html Sensory root of the trigeminal nerve
sf.html Solitary fasciculus
sn.html Solitary nucleus
sl.html Spinal lemniscus
stn.html Spinal trigeminal nucleus
stt.html Spinal trigeminal tract
sttan.html Spinal trigeminal tract and nucleus
sot.html Spino-olivary tract
smt.html Stria medullaris thalami
sg.html Substantia gelatinosa
sbn.html Substantia nigra
subf.html Subthalamic fasciculus
subn.html Subthalamic nucleus
son.html Superior olivary nucleus
svn.html Superior vestibular nucleus
scp.html Superior cerebellar peduncle
spn.html Suprageniculate nucleus
supn.html Supraoptic nucleus
tt.html Tectospinal tract
tf.html Thalamic fasciculus
tv.html Third ventricle
tc.html Tuber cinereum
tn.html Trochlear nucleus
vn.html Vagus nerve
vcn.html Vestibulocochlear nerve
vf.html Vestibulocerebellar fibers
vncn.html Ventral cochlear nucleus
veaf.html Ventral external arcuate fibers
vnoll.html Ventral nucleus of lateral lemniscus
vplnot.html Ventral posterior lateral nucleus of thalamus
vpmnot.html Ventral posterior medial nucleus of thalamus
vrosn.html Ventral root of spinal nerve
vst.html Ventral spinocerebellar tract
vtt.html Ventral trigeminothalamic tract
zi.html Zona incerta
Level of section html file names
ante.html Anterior commissure
corp.html Corpus callosum
dark.html Level of Section
forn.html Fornix
fort.html Forth ventricle
hypo.html Hypothalamus
inf2.html Infundibulum
infe.html Inferior colliculus
infu.html Infundibulum
mamm.html Mammillary body
mass.html Massa intermedia
medi.html Median aperture
medu.html Medulla oblongata
midb.html Midbrain
oliv.html Olive
opt2.html Optic recess
opti.html Optic nerve
pine.html Pineal body
pons.html Pons
post.html Posterior commissure
refs2.html References
sept.html Septum pellucidum
spin.html Spinal cord
supe.html Superior colliculus
thal.html Thalamus
thir.html Third ventricle

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Plate Index    (jump to a plate by selecting a link below)
Plate I Spinal cord at the level of the lumbosacral enlargement
Plate II Spinal cord at a high lumbar level
Plate III Spinal cord at a midthoracic level
Plate IV Spinal cord at the level of the cervical enlargement
Plate V Transition from spinal cord to medulla oblongata
Plate VI Medulla oblongata at the rostral level of the pyramidal decussation
Plate VII Medulla oblongata at the caudal level of the sensory decussation
Plate VIII Medulla oblongata at the rostral level of the sensory decussation
Plate IX Medulla oblongata at a mid-olivary level
Plate X Medulla oblongata at the level of the dorsal cochlear nucleus
Plate XI Medulla oblongata at the level of the ventral cochlear nucleus
Plate XII Medulla oblongata at the level of the vestibulocochlear nerve
Plate XIII Medulla oblongata at the level of the ventral cochlear nucleus
Plate XIV Pons at the level of the facial nucleus and nerve
Plate XV Pons at the level of the trapezoid body
Plate XVI Pons at the level of the abducens and facial nuclei
Plate XVII Pons at the level of the trigeminal nerve
Plate XVIII Level of upper third of the pons
Plate XIX Pons at the level of the isthums
PlateXX Midbrain at the level of inferior colliculus
Plate XXI Midbrain at level of trochlear nucleus
Plate XXII Midbrain at level of the caudal superior colliculus
Plate XXIII Midbrain at level of rostral superior colliculus
Plate XXIV Section through posterior commmussure and mammillary bodies
Plate XXV Section through the habenular commissure and mammillary bodies
Plate XXVI Section through the subthalamic nucleus
Plate XXVII Section through lateral ventral nucleus of thalamus

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