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Plate XV. Pons at the level of the trapezoid body (Please note: this brain is cut at a different angle than the rest of the series) 

A. Sensory root of the trigeminal nerve
B. Mesencephalic root of trigeminal nerve
C. Motor nucleus of trigeminal nerve
D. Chief sensory nucleus of trigeminal nerve
E. Fasicles of abducens nerve
F. Genu of facial nerve
G. Suprageniculate nucleus
H. Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus
 I. Medial longitudinal fasciculus
J. Tectospinal tract
K. Medial lemniscus and trapezoid body
L. Spinal lemniscus (spinothalamic and spinotectal tracts)
M. Superior olivary nucleus
N. Lateral lemniscus
O. Central tegmental tract
P. Rubrospinal tract
Q. Corticospinal and corticopontine fibers
R. Pontine nuclei
S. Pontocerebellar fibers
T. Middle cerebellar peduncle

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