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Plate XI. Medulla oblongata at the level of the ventral cochlear nucleus

A. Lateral vestibular nucleus
B. Medial vestibular nucleus
C. Superior vestibular nucleus
D. Fastigiobulbar fibers
E. Dentate nucleus
F. Vestibulocochlear nerve
G. Ventral cochlear nucleus
H. Nucleus ambiguus
 I. Fascicles of glossopharyngeal nerve
J. Spinal trigeminal tract
K. Spinal trigeminal nucleus
L. Ventral trigeminothalamic tract
M. Central tegmental tract
N. Inferior olivary nucleus
O. Interolivary fibers
P. Inferior cerebellar peduncle
Q. Middle cerebellar peduncle
R. Olivocerebellar fibers
S. Pyramidal (corticospinal) tract
T. Rubrospinal tract
U. Ventral spinocerebellar tract
V. Spinal lemniscus (spinothalamic and spinotectal tracts)
W. Medial longitudinal fasciculus
X. Tectospinal tract
Y. Medial lemniscus
Z. Nucleus prepositus
a. Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus

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