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Plate XXVI. Section through the subthalamic nucleus

A. Optic tract
B. Putamen
C. Globus pallidus
D. Lenticular fasciculus
E. Subthalamic nucleus
F. Zona incerta
G. Prerubral field
H. Hypothalamus
 I. Supraoptic nucleus
J. Habenular nucleus
K. Central nucleus of thalamus
L. Ventral posterior medial nucleus of thalamus
M. Ventral posterior lateral nucleus of thalamus
N. Posterolateral thalamic nucleus
O. Midline thalamic nuclei
P. External medullary lamina
Q. Internal capsule
R. Cerebral Peduncle
S. Mammillothalamic fasciculus
T. Fornix
U. Third ventricle

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