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Plate XXIII. Midbrain at level of rostral superior colliculus

A. Edinger-Westphal nucleus
B. Oculomotor nucleus
C. Fascicles of oculomotor nerve
D. Lateral geniculate body
E. Brachium of superior colliculus
F. Nucleus of superior colliculus
G. Commissure of superior colliculus
H. Medial lemniscus
 I. Spinal lemniscus (spinothalamic and spinotectal tracts)
J. Brachium of inferior colliculus
K. Medial geniculate body
L. Pulvinar
M. Nucleus of Darkschewitsch
N. Interstitial nucleus
O. Medial longitudinal fasciculus
P. Dorsal tegmental decussation
Q. Interpedunclar nucleus
R. Central tegmental tract
S. Red nucleus
T. Corticopontine tract (minus frontopontine tract)
U. Corticospinal tract
V. Frontopontine tract
W. Substantia nigra
X. Cerebral aqueduct

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